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Batik Air releases GE15 extra flights schedule

October 27, 20222 minute read
GE15 extra flights,extra election flights

Batik Air has released their schedule for GE15 extra flights, which will be available between 5th and 23rd November 2022. All the extra flights within peninsula Malaysia will use the airline’s ATR72 aircraft operating out of Subang Skypark (Lapangan Terbang Sultan Aziz Shah), close to Kuala Lumpur. Flights between the peninsula and Sabah/Sarawak will fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Batik Air’s B737 aircraft.

GE15 extra flights

Batik Air joins other Malaysian carriers in responding to the greater demand for services during the up-coming general elections. This adds 18 extra daily flights across destinations in the peninsula (Kuala Terengganu, Johor Bahru, Kota Bharu, Langkawi and Penang) and Borneo (Kuching and Kota Kinabalu).

The extra flights will benefit voters, as well as politicians and election workers, and although they use smaller aircraft (the ATR 72 carries 72 passengers) the ease of access to Subang Skypark will add convenience to travellers.

…. We are expecting a surge in flight demands, and we hope our extra flights will provide convenience to Malaysians as well as to politicians during the campaigning period. We urge travelers to plan ahead for their travel and take advantage of the extra flights which are already available now for bookings. Batik Air CEO, Capt. Mushafiz Bin Mustafa Bakri

For updates, you can follow Batik Air on their social media platforms via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter or go to their website to book your tickets.

Flights from Subang Skypark (SZB)

5th Nov-23rd Nov 2022

[table style=”table-striped”]
Sector Flight No. Departure Arrival Extra Frequency
Kota Bharu
SZB-KBR OD1204 07:30 08:35 Daily
KBR-SZB OD1205 08:55 10:00 Daily
SZB-KBR OD1206 10:20 11:25 Daily
KBR-SZB OD1207 11:45 12:50 Daily
SZB-KBR OD1208 13:20 14:25 Daily
KBR-SZB OD1209 14:45 15:50 Daily
SZB-KBR OD1214 17:20 18:25 Daily
KBR-SZB OD1215 18:45 19:50 Daily
SZB-KBR OD1216 20:10 21:15 Daily
KBR-SZB OD1217 21:35 22:40 Daily
Kuala Terengganu
SZB-TGG OD1804 13:30 14:35 Daily
TGG-SZB OD1805 14:55 16:00 Daily
SZB-TGG OD1808 19:20 20:25 Daily
TGG-SZB OD1809 20:45 21:50 Daily
Johor Bahru
SZB-JHB OD1901 07:20 08:20 Daily
JHB-SZB OD1902 08:40 09:40 Daily
SZB-JHB OD1903 11:40 12:40 Daily
JHB-SZB OD1904 13:00 14:00 Daily
SZB-JHB OD1905 20:20 21:20 Daily
JHB-SZB OD1906 21:40 22:40 Daily
SZB-LGK OD1410 16:00 17:15 Daily
LGK-SZB OD1411 17:35 18:50 Daily
SZB-PEN OD1102 09:00 10:00 Daily
PEN-SZB OD1103 10:20 11:20 Daily
SZB-PEN OD1104 13:20 14:20 Daily
PEN-SZB OD1105 14:40 15:40 Daily
SZB-PEN OD1108 14:20 15:20 Daily
PEN-SZB OD1109 15:40 16:40 Daily
SZB-PEN OD1112 19:00 20:00 Daily
PEN-SZB OD1113 20:20 21:20 Daily
SZB-PEN OD1116 20:30 21:30 Daily
PEN-SZB OD1117 21:50 22:50 Daily

Flights from KLIA (KUL)

5th Nov-23rd Nov 2022

[table style=”table-striped”]
Sector Flight No. ETD ETA Frequency (Days)
KUL-KCH OD1636 14:10 15:55 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
KCH-KUL OD1637 16:35 18:20
Kota Kinabalu
KUL-BKI OD1002 07:40 10:10 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
BKI-KUL OD1003 10:50 13:20
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