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Bangkok visitors: Royal Cremation Ceremony 2017

June 6, 201758 second read
royal cremation ceremony

Travellers to Thailand during the mourning period for the late King in October /November 2016, would understand the reverence the Thais hold for their late monarch. After a year’s mourning, the royal cremation ceremony for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej will take place in October 2017.

The ceremony will take place in Bangkok at Sanam Luang between 25th and 29th October. Foreign visitors are advised to avoid the city during that period to avoid the expected traffic congestion. Regular visitors will appreciate that this is good advice.

Further details are expected to be released by The Ministry of Tourism and Sports closer to the event. The official travel advisory for foreigners will include information on tourist attractions outside the capital.

Be respectful

As was practiced during the mourning period in 2016, it is likely that your accommodation will provide advice to ensure that your words and actions are in line with Thai feelings towards their monarchy. This is especially important to note in Thailand, where Lèsemajesté laws are strictly enforced. Being a foreigner does not offer any protection. This means that you should not express any comments that insult, defame or threaten members of the royal family.
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