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Malaysia Airlines lost baggage self-service reporting

August 1, 20223 minute read
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If, like many other travellers recently, you’ve reached your destination, but your bag hasn’t, you’re happy for any help you can get. Malaysia Airlines’ introduction of its new baggage self-service reporting service will be a good start.

Baggage self-service reporting

With the service available round the clock, Malaysia Airlines passengers can now instantly report any delayed or missing baggage with the introduction of the Baggage Self-Service Reporting feature. The launch is in line with Malaysia Airlines’ latest step in digitalising the end-to-end traveller touch-points to facilitate a seamless travel experience.

The new feature allows Malaysia Airlines passengers to easily make a report, track and monitor the recovery process. Monitoring can be done via personal devices (mobile, table, laptop, etc.) in a safe and contactless environment. Passengers can also communicate with airline representatives to get the latest information on their reports. The Baggage Self-service Reporting feature is available for passengers across all Malaysia Airlines’ domestic and international networks.

In announcing the new feature, Malaysia Airlines’ Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Lau Yin May said the airline wants to take the hassle out of travels by digitalising the traveller journey. She made reference to existing features including:

  • biometric facial recognition during check-in,
  • shopping for goods via Journify
    • having purchases delivered to the boarding gate for departing and arriving passengers at KLIA
  • and the new reporting and tracking any baggage issues online

She added:

… This is also timely as it gives peace of mind and reassurance to our passengers that their needs are taken care of, especially when travelling during this peak period as many airports globally are facing operational challenges in managing the influx of revenge travellers.

baggage self-service reporting

The launch of the Baggage Self-service Reporting feature also further complements the airline’s efforts to ensure efficiency across its operations as global travel demands continue to rise. The airline recently reaffirmed its commitment to continuous improvements in managing customer queries; reducing the average waiting time to below 20 minutes to address the queries received via its contact centre.

New Safety Video

The national carrier also recently launched its newest in-flight safety video, Satu Dua Tiga, Jom! While it’s similar in style to what other airlines (think Delta and Air New Zealand) have produced, the video includes some well known Malaysian faces through a catchy musical rendition of the in-flight safety demonstrations a catchy musical rendition of the in-flight safety demonstrations.

For more information and to access the Baggage Self-service Reporting feature, visit the airline’s official website and download the Malaysia Airlines app for the latest deals and promotions.

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Have been without my suit cases for couple of weeks now.

    I have my medications, sleeping machine, clothing. People properties and my kid’s stuffs.

    Have been to My final flight which is Air France and they ask me to contact Malaysia Airlines cause they can’t found them on there system.

    Have been without my sleeping machine and medications for two weeks now.
    Have tried to reach you guys via email and phone call but you guys didn’t get back back to me

    1. Hi there, please note that we are not representatives of the airline. I have removed your personal details from your comment and hope you have been able to resolve the issue with the airline.

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