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AirAsia’s OURSHOP Save Our Shops

April 15, 20203 minute read
Save Our Shops

The current COVID-19 pandemic is having wide ranging effects on people’s lives, whether they catch the disease or not. In Malaysia the movement control order (MCO), in effect from 18th March, has greatly affected the business landscape, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises. AirAsia’s e-commerce platform, OURSHOP has introduced ‘Save Our Shops’ to open more opportunities for this sector. Starting with Peninsular Malaysia, the company is opening up its ecosystem to make its resources available to all local businesses.

Save Our Shops Campaign

The campaign to Save Our Shops (S.O.S) aims to assist as many local businesses as possible, with AirAsia making available the below resources:

  • OURSHOP, the e-commerce platform of AirAsia
    • Hosted on the AirAsia website, which receives significant traffic.
    • It’s the first tab on the Search bar
  • Products sold through OURSHOP will be delivered via Teleport
    • the logistics arm of AirAsia

This campaign offers merchants the opportunity to sign up at ZERO COMMISSION & ZERO LISTING FEE to market their products on OURSHOP, for the month of April. However, shops must cover the banking transaction charges of 2% for each sale made.

Local businesses who are interested to be a merchant can sign up at

Message from AirAsia

  • Click here to watch Datuk Kamarudin Meranun’s message
  • Click here to watch Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ message

FAQ responses from AirAsia

  • Why is AirAsia doing this?
    • Many small businesses are suffering badly due to the pandemic.
    • AirAsia will do their part in helping as many local businesses as possible in this time of need.
    • The right platform and infrastructure
      • In this travel down-time, what better way to put our resources to good use than by lending a helping hand to those who need it.
    • The current market has a high demand for online purchases and delivery services.
      • OURSHOP & Teleport is a solution towards this problem.
    • Market your products on OURSHOP, reach more people.
      • Teleport, as a relatively new player in the delivery business helps increase limited delivery services in this current situation.
    • We hope to work with everyone to get through this whole situation, TOGETHER.
  • How do local businesses benefit by signing up with OURSHOP through S.O.S campaign?
    • ZERO COMMISSION for merchants who market their products on OURSHOP.
    • The offer is available for the entire month of April.
  • Other merchants benefits?
  • Apart from zero commission, merchants can leverage on’s significant traffic.
    • Merchants stand to benefit from OURSHOP’s e-commerce expertise and Teleport’s logistics infrastructure.
  • Products for listed?
    • There is a wide product range, including:
      • groceries,
      • daily essentials,
      • food & beverage
      • beauty products
      • household items.
    • We welcome all businesses who need a platform to sell.


OURSHOP is AirAsia’s e-commerce marketplace. In ‘normal times’ it offers a range of Duty Free goods for travellers’ pre-purchase for delivery on board their flight. It already offers a good range of local products and assists traditional small and medium businesses to be e-commerce ready. In addition, travellers earn AirAsia BIG Points with every successful purchase and can use AirAsia BIG Points as payment. Teleport was founded in 2018 as RedCargo Logistics, part of AirAsia Group Berhad’s corporate venture arm.

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