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AirAsia warns of ‘online survey’ ticket scam

May 30, 20173 minute read
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AirAsia has issued a warning to beware of an ‘online survey’ ticket scam currently doing the rounds on social media. Clicking on the link directs the user to a .us website requiring the participant to answer questions in the belief that they will redeem vouchers. The second scam has been circulating on Facebook, offering 268 free AirAsia tickets in conjunction with AirAsia’s 28th anniversary.

‘Online survey’ ticket scam – recognise a scam

Recognising a scam can be difficult, but you must look beyond the use of a familiar logo. In this case, there are a few ‘red flags’ that should alert you, so you don’t follow the instructions, or pass it on to your friends. Don’t click on any links or to provide any personal details.

[lists style=”check” color=”#1e73be”]
  • The web address (url). If this doesn’t follow the usual pattern, stop. Check the AirAsia contact options listed below.
  • The name (Asia Airlines) does not match the logo
  • The information is incorrect. The scam is congratulating AirAsia for 28 years in business – double their actual total.

AirAsia has confirmed that both posts are scam attempts, using the AirAsia brand without authorisation to lure the public to participate in its scheme. Furthermore they state that AirAsia shall not be held liable for any claims pertaining to the false scheme. All official announcements are made via AirAsia’s official channels and credible mass media.

This is not the first time AirAsia has had to warn people. As they advised then, you should only book through official websites. If there are any special offers, this is where you will find them, not on one of these dodgy sites.

…. we will not hesitate to take legal action against individuals or groups who organise illegal schemes using the AirAsia brand. When in doubt, or to report on suspected scams using the AirAsia brand, get in touch with AirAsia via the following official communication channels: AirAsia
[lists style=”check” color=”#1e73be”]
  • the AirAsia website, or
  • AirAsia Mobile AirAsia mobile app on iPhone and Android devices
  • official websites of its affiliates such as and
  • official sales centres listed on the AirAsia website

Reporting Scams

AirAsia further advised travellers that if they have any doubts, they can also report suspected scams involving the AirAsia brand, to AirAsia via official communication channels.

Official social media channels Facebook : Twitter : and AskAirAsia :

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