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AirAsia moves to T4 at Singapore Changi Airport

October 20, 20172 minute read
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Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 is opening, with airlines moving in over a week starting 31st October 2017. AirAsia moves to T4 on 7th November.

AirAsia moves to T4

There are a few important points to note:

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  • All AirAsia flights scheduled on or after 7th November will arrive at and depart from Terminal 4. 
  • All departing and arriving flight schedules remain unchanged.


You will need to:

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  • Allow enough time to move through the new terminal. AirAsia advises passengers to arrive 3 hours before departure.
  • Let anyone dropping you off  or collecting you, know about the change.

Other important information

The Singapore MRT system does not link directly to the new terminal.

Transport options available include:

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  • Taxi, private hire cars, bus and personal cars.
  • Access to the MRT from Terminal 2.
  • free shuttle bus service between Terminal 4 and Terminal 2.
  • The shuttle bus will run every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, every day.

Practical information for AirAsia passengers using the new terminal:

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  • AirAsia will operate from Row 4.
  • Group check-in services are available at Row 5.
  • They will have nineteen check-in kiosks, fourteen auto bag drop machines, two document check counters and two payment counters. 
  • Save time
    • check-in at home via web or mobile
    • print your bag tags at the self-service kiosks
    • drop your bags at the auto bag drop machines when you get to the airport,
    • proceed directly to the gate if you have no check-in baggage.

Looking for more information on the move?  You can Ask AirAsia or send them questions online.
If you want to have a Live Chat, this is available when you ‘AskAirAsia’ if you’ve logged in using your AirAsia ID.

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