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November 16, 20202 minute read SuperSale 2020

The SuperSale 2020 starts at 10am on Monday 16th November 2020, running to Sunday 22nd November. Can’t fly anywhere at the moment because of the Covid-19 related border closures or Movement Control Order, don’t worry. They have lots more than the flight tickets available at great discounts. SuperSale 2020 – On offer

Pick up offers on flights (of course) and accommodation as well as all the activities you want on hour holiday. Check out SNAP to see what extras are on offer and explore the Unlimited Deals covering a wide range of offers from manicures to ‘makan’ – we’re looking at the Japanese cheese cakes for starters. 

Do your food shopping, whether it be general groceries at Food, or from Fresh (your fresh food market place) Look after your health at Health  and look after your soul at Shopping. The range of goods on offer of different if youwant them home delivered, or to your seat when you fly. But both have some great offers, including ‘Buy One, Free One’ for some items.

Check out all the offers on the AirAsia website and Super App. Don’t forget to use your BigPay card to pay for your purchases and collect extra BIG points. On the 16th, use their code SUPER10, to get an extra 10% off your purchases. Happy shopping. SuperSale 2020

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