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Visa-Free entry to Indonesia for more countries

November 17, 201436 second read
Bali visa on arrival

Tourists to Indonesia from Australia, Japan, Russia, South Korea and China will have the current USD35 visa-on-arrival fee waived from January 2015, in a recently announced plan from the new Jokowi administration. **** UPDATE – If you’ve just found this story, more recent information is now available from January 2024.

Indonesia’s Minister for Maritime Affairs Coordination, Indroyono Soesilo hopes that the initiative will boost Indonesia’s visitor arrivals and tourism income which is currently lagging behind neighbouring Malaysia and Thailand.

Currently, visa-free visits are available to citizens from ASEAN countries, Macao and Hong Kong and it is hoped that the expansion of the list will increase the numbers. Over the past year, about 900,000 Australians visited Indonesia, with the vast majority making Bali their main destination.

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