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Watch out for the Qantas ‘Retro Roo ll’, coming soon

October 20, 20152 minute read

When the Qantas ‘Retro Roo l’ took to the Aussie skies in 2014, the welcome it received from the flying community was so positive, it’s encouraged the commissioning of a companion ‘Retro Roo ll’ wearing livery to be announced as part of celebrations marking the national carrier’s 95th Birthday.

This second Boeing 737-800 painted in a retro livery will be a fitting counterpoint to the first of the Qantas B787 Dreamliners set to take off in 2017. There is a story doing the rounds of Qantas crew, that passengers flying on the existing retro liveried aircraft love the look, but most are pleased that the interior is up-to-date, and not also in the style of the 1970 – 1984 skin.

The new livery will be chosen from the 12 liveries that Qantas has had since its first aircraft in 1920 and will be applied to one of Qantas’ existing 67 Boeing 737 aircraft, currently undergoing refurbishment in Brisbane and Sydney.

On completion of the cabin refresh, the aircraft will be flown to Townsville to be repainted in the selected classic livery which should take four days, before entering service on flights around Australia and across the Tasman to New Zealand.

Qantas’ first retro painted aircraft is named in honour of James Strong who served as Qantas Group CEO from 1993 to 2001 and features the livery used between 1971 and 1984. Qantas will unveil both the livery design and the new name of Retro Roo II at a hangar event for employees at Sydney airport on Monday November 16 in celebration of the airline’s 95th birthday.

image credits Qantas

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