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The sounds of travelling well with Cathay Pacific

July 27, 20172 minute read
sounds of travelling

Have you ever thought about the sounds of travelling? The ‘ding-ding’ of announcements at the airport, or the sounds of many people buckling seatbelts? Or the safety announcements that people pretend to watch, or not to watch. Perhaps the pre-landing announcement that informs, or welcomes you home? Or maybe the sound of hellos of loved ones you’ve not seen for a while.

Sounds of travelling – what do you hear?

Cathay Pacific thought about these sounds of travelling and decided that through sound, memories and feelings can be just as strongly evoked as by what we see.

So they’ve come up with a song unlike any other. A song made from the many sounds we experience on a journey.

Win a pair of flight tickets

Watch the video and you’ll see it begins in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLIA. This contest is specially for citizens or residents of Malaysia who are residing in Malaysia.

How to participate:

Tell Cathay Pacific your most memorable sounds of travel or what sound experience you would like to discover on your next trip. Share your submission on Facebook to stand a chance to win.

So get thinking and put in your entries – up to three a week, each week of the contest.

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