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Something ‘cool’ for the beach

September 18, 201544 second read

It’s always summer somewhere in the world so look what we’ve just discovered that makes going to the beach easier and more comfortable!

I know it’s a real first world problem, but when you go to the beach, you want to be comfortable on all that sand, you want your drink to be cool and you want your phone to work. Right?

So here’s what Antoine Sayah, a university student in Lebanon has come up with – the Beachill, a beach mat that does all that.

Originally designed as part of a Uni project, it’s eco-friendly and can be easily carried with you.

And – he’s already working on an expanded version. Now all that he needs to do is refine it a bit for those who don’t actually want to sunbathe – perhaps a sunshade that doesn’t cover the solar panels.


Image credit © Beachill

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