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Scoot off for a quick break this weekend

July 28, 20172 minute read
Scoot offer

If you’re on the Scoot mailing list, you’ll probably have had their latest Scoot offer drop into your Inbox. This latest offer is available until this Sunday 30th Jul 2017 at 2359hrs, Singapore/Malaysia time (GMT+8). Your offers will, of course, be tailored for your location. Most flights are available fore travel until 24th Mar 2018 unless stated.

Which Scoot offer suits you?

Here are a few of the little gems that caught our eye:

  • Xi’an, China (A very walkable city, with surprises round every corner) From RM 295. (RM 335  from Langkawi)
  • Head for the majestic Indian city of Jaipur, starting from RM 185, or Amritsar from RM 175.
  • If Australia is calling, Melbourne starts at RM 395, Sydney from RM 395, Gold Coast from RM 325 and RM 275 can get you to Perth.
  • And that RM 49 fare? That will get you down to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur. Not too bad a deal.

You want extras with your fare?

To get 10% off selected FLYBAG and FLYBAGEAT fares, enter the Promocode  FLYSCOOT during your booking.

They do have an offer for Jeddah with FlyBagEat already included – From RM 895 (ex-KL/Penang).

So what are you waiting for? Head over to (or click the link in your mailer).

Check out our various Scoot reviews. P.S. – we love their all Dreamliner fleet.

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