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Qantas’ new safety video showcases Australia

January 28, 20163 minute read
Qantas safety video

From the Whitsundays in Queensland to Lake Lefroy in Western Australia with a few stop-offs at places like MONA in Hobart, Tasmania and Purnong in South Australia, you’ll meet friendly Australians in stunning destinations as they show you how to use the safety equipment in the latest Qantas safety video.

Passengers will be able to enjoy the new video on hundreds of Qantas flights a day throughout the Qantas global network starting in February 2016. The short video features Australians from all walks of life talking passengers through the on-board safety instructions against the backdrop of locations across the country. While the focus is on safety, the tourism aspect is strong in each segment.

A truckie in the outback shows you how to use your seatbelt and you can learn how to use an oxygen mask in a demonstration at the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart and we love the emergency slide demonstration using the Josephine Falls in Queensland.

Qantas and Tourism Australia have worked together on the production of the video and will continue to do so over the next 12 months to promote the locations featured and maximise the benefits for local tourism operators. In particular, Tourism Australia will lend its social media marketing power, helping the video reach millions of people globally.

The campaign leverages on the fastest qrowth rate in Australian tourism since the Sydney Olympics with new records for visitor numbers and spending and huge potential for future development.

We’ve experimented with different settings for our safety videos over the years, but this time we saw an opportunity to celebrate Australia itself. The result is something that we believe is really special and powerful, but warm, funny and down to earth at the same time, because it’s about everyday Australians. We’re confident that it’s going to grab people’s attention and get them focused on the safety information that every Qantas customer needs to know. It’s a video that people can really connect with, and there’s an opportunity to expand its reach by sharing it online and through social media – giving it a dual purpose as promotion for Australian tourism. Qantas has always been the biggest private sector supporter of Australian tourism and we’re delighted to be working with Tourism Australia on the social media campaign that goes with the new video. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

Image source © Qantas

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