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Qantas Frequent Flyer updates

December 16, 20153 minute read

Qantas has recently added two more ways you can accumulate Frequent Flyer Points.

Woolworths and Qantas announce new Frequent Flyer Partnership

With the signing of a new agreement extending the partnership between Woolworths and Qantas Frequent Flyer, work will now start on implementation of the Qantas Points option, including necessary IT and systems changes, for a projected full launch date in the first half of 2016.

The new agreement will give customers the choice to convert their Woolworths Dollars earned through buying orange ticket products, into Qantas Points at a conversion rate of 870 Qantas Points for every 10 Woolworths Dollars.

The main points in the new agreement:

  • Minimum $30 spend to earn Qantas Points removed.
  • Customers earn Woolworths Dollars as a default option of the Woolworths Rewards (rather than Qantas Points).
  • Customers selecting the Qantas Points option will nominate to automatically convert their Woolworths Dollars into Qantas Points at a rate of 870 points for every 10 Woolworths Dollars.
  • Applies to Woolworths Dollars earned at Woolworths Supermarkets and BWS stores.
  • Woolworths customers will continue to automatically earn Qantas Points until 31 December 2015, when current agreement expires.
  • The new scheme will take effect during the first half of 2016, with more information provided to members before it goes live.
  • Between 1 January and the new scheme taking effect, customers who previously earned Qantas Points via Woolworths Rewards will receive bonus earn offers, so they can continue to grow their points balance when shopping at Woolworths.

For more information or to sign up, visit the Qantas Points page.

Qantas and nib to offer Qantas Frequent Flyers a more rewarding health insurance experience.

Qantas and nib will offer up to 11 million Qantas Frequent Flyers a more rewarding health insurance experience.

Called Qantas Assure, this new program will reward people with Qantas Points for being active when it launches in the first half of 2016. It will feature travel insurance under the same umbrella, which the airline already offers to more than half-a-million customers a year.

From next year, Qantas Frequent Flyer members who purchase a Qantas Assure policy can download a wellness app that syncs with popular forms of wearable technology. The app will log the number of steps taken in a day and then deposit Qantas Points into their Frequent Flyer account. These points can then be used with over 400 partners for flights, shopping or towards your health insurance premium itself.

Members will be able to choose from a variety of daily or weekly targets depending on their lifestyles, with the number of points earned increasing with the size of the target.

To get more information, or to sign up, all the info is on the Qantas Assure page.

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