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New pre-flight health check before you fly AirAsia

November 21, 20202 minute read
pre-flight health check

Airlines have suffered along with the rest of us during the Covid-19 pandemic. One thing is clear though, many are using this ‘down-time’ to develop and implement innovative technologies to improve their customers’ experience. AirAsia has been very proactive in moving with various digital solutions. Their latest innovation is to introduce a pre-flight health check, helping to make flying more seamless and contactless as well as safe and affordable.

How a pre-flight health check helps

AirAsia has partnered with digital transformation company GrayMatter to launch Scan2Fly. This industry leading technology determines a passenger’s eligibility to fly before they arrive at the airport, including real time verification of relevant health documentation.

AirAsia passengers can now scan and upload their medical certificates during online self check-in. This includes the corresponding processing of any documents required to verify that the passenger is approved to fly by the relevant authorities and possesses a valid COVID-19 Negative Certificate.

Following successful implementation, the system is currently live for selected AirAsia flights from Malaysia’s KLIA2 Airport to/from Singapore and to/from Surabaya. It will be launched soon for flights to and from Jakarta. The cloud-hosted technology is tightly integrated and tailored to AirAsia’s applications with robust information security. This technology will be introduced to other AirAsia destinations, where valid travel documents are required prior to travel.

Scan2Fly delivers numerous efficiencies, including

  • For AirAsia
    • reduced staff interaction at the airport
  • For travellers
    • peace of mind, before travelling to the airport.

Once the documents are uploaded, the approval/rejection status is provided automatically, including the reason for any rejection.

AirAsia has also made other recent enhancements in conjunction with strategic partner Vision-Box.

These include:

  • automated bag drop services
  • roving technology for temperature checks
  • biometric facial recognition technology F.A.C.E.S. (Fast Airport Clearance Experience System)
    • the airline’s contactless facial recognition passenger processing system.

The airline is also working with Vision-Box to further deploy other touchless experience systems including digital identity management, across the airline’s travel and finance ecosystem.

…. Innovation has always been in our DNA. Our digital transformation continues to gain momentum as we work hard to make travel in this new world more secure, hygienic, contactless and seamless than ever before by improving our digital capabilities which reduce costs and further enhance the customer journey. Javed Malik, AirAsia Group COO
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