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Morning Glory Tuesdays – Two to fly with Scoot!

January 27, 20153 minute read
This Tuesday Scoot is offering a two-to-fly offer which will get you special fares today only, if you book two seats together.

The fare prices are listed before taxes and fees which will add quite a bit to the total.

As an example a 2 person booking Singapore to Gold Coast on 28th February, returning 7th March has a base fare of SGD178 to go,  SGD108 to return per person. Taxes will add to that, bringing the two ticket total to SGD986.02. Adding 20kg checked baggage and a standard meal for both passengers will add SGD110, bringing the total to SGD1206.02.

You can add an extra cabin bag (SGD35 per passenger) and upgrade your meal (SGD4.99) or add Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream (Belgian Chocolate) for SGD6. You can add insurance for SGD29 per pax. This is selected by default, so remove if you don’t want it.

Selecting a seat will cost you from SGD74 per passenger per flight if you want a  ‘Stretch’ seats and a little more in the quiet zone, or ‘Super’seats  for SGD 39. Seat selection is defaulted at SGD9 for an Economy seat although you can remove the selection to try your luck.

If you can manage to resist the ScooTV (SGD15) and the Sleep Kit (SGD18) and you’re not wanting an early Check-In (SGD5) or priority check-in ScootAboard (SGD6) or to relax in style before boarding  in the ‘Scoot-In-Style’ departure lounge (SGD39), per passenger per way, continue on. If you have somewhere to stay and transport arranged, you can skip the hotels and car hire, but you still have to decide if you want the flexibility to make changes to your flight! (SGD55 per person).

Without the extras in the previous paragraph your fare will have jumped from the original base fare of SGD572 to nearly SGD1,400.00.

These two particular flights are currently noted as ‘subject to regulatory approval’, so be aware that there may be changes if you must have those dates.

Seats are available for booking to Scoot destinations including Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast and in China to Tianjin, Nanjing, Shengyang and Qingdao. You can also fly to Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo with Scoot.

These fares are only available on the desktop for travel by 28 May 2015 and must be booked between 07.00 and 12.00 (GMT +8): on 27th Jan 2015.

Fares indicated are for one-way travel, excluding Tax and Surcharges.

For more information or to make a different Scoot booking, go to their website.

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