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Malindo Air makes meal choice changes

September 7, 20192 minute read
meal choice changes

Malindo Air will be implementing meal choice changes with effect from 15th October 2019. The airline has previously introduced a range of snacks available both on-board and via pre-purchase.

Meal choice changes

The changes see the discontinuation of complimentary meals and snacks to be replaced by a range of pre-purchased meals. On offer will be a range of ten Oriental, Indian, Western and local cuisine at a pre-purchase price of MYR10. On-board price is MYR15. Please note that not all meal choices may be available on-board for all flights.

Pre-purchase snacks and hot meals can be ordered up to 24 hours before departure. Payments in MYR, AUD, USD, INR, IDR and RMB are accepted on board. Alcoholic beverages are also available for purchase on international flights.

Malindo Air CEO Chandran Rama Muthy says the changes will save on costs, with savings passed on to passengers. Other changes designed to offer more passenger flexibility include the option of purchasing your own “Get Comfy Kit”, which includes a fleece blanket, stereo earphones, neck pillow, earplugs, and eye mask. The Comfy Kit is available pre-flight for MYR25, or MYR30 for on-board purchase.

Passengers can also pre-purchase baggage and seat selection online up to four hours and travel insurance up to two hours pre-departure. Purchases can be made during initial booking, or via “Manage Booking” on You can also contact their call centre or the airline’s airport and city ticketing offices.

Malindo Air will continue to provide free in-flight entertainment and relatively generous legroom.

Existing bookings

If you have an existing booking with Malindo Air, whether you are served a meal will depend on when you booked your flight. For bookings made prior to 6 September 2019, complimentary meals will continue to be served. All flight tickets purchased from 6 September 2019 for travel from 15 Oct 2019 will no longer receive complimentary meals.

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