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Malindo Air adds extra flights for Hari Raya demand

April 16, 20222 minute read
Kota Bharu–Langkawi, flights to Langkawi, limited domestic operations, flights for Hari Raya

With the festival just days away, flights for Hari Raya have come under the spotlight with demand outstripping availability for many routes. Malindo Air is adding extra flights for its domestic destinations departing from Lapangan Terbang Sultan Aziz Shah and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to meet higher demand.

Additional flights for Hari Raya

The airline’s putting on additional flights for Hari Raya, adding 24 additional daily flights between 27th April and 30th May 2022, for domestic destinations including Alor Setar, Johor Bharu, Kota Bharu, Langkawi, Penang and Kuching.

….. We have noticed that the demand for certain domestic flights are very high, so we felt there was a need to mount extra flights on selected popular destinations for Raya to help ease the anxiety of customers to return to their hometowns for family reunion. Capt. Mushafiz Bin Mustafa Bakri, Malindo Air CEO

He added that the extra flights will provide better convenience but advised travellers to plan ahead for their travel as the extra seats are already available for bookings. Get in quickly to make your bookings, as these flights for Hari Raya will disappear fast.

Extra Hari Raya services 27th Apr – 30th May 2022

[table style=”table-striped”]
Sector Flight No. Departure Arrival Added Frequency
Subang-Kota Bharu OD7202 9:30 10:35 Daily
Kota Bharu-Subang OD7203 10:55 12:00 Daily
Subang-Kota Bharu OD7204 14:50 (2.50pm) 15:55 (3.55pm) Daily
Kota Bharu-Subang OD7205 16:15 (4.15pm) 17:20 (5.20pm) Daily
Subang-Kota Bharu OD7206 20:10 (8.10pm) 21:15 (9.15pm) Daily
Kota Bharu-Subang OD7207 21:35 (9.35pm) 22:40 (10.40pm) Daily
Subang-Alor Setar OD7502 12:20 13:30 (1.30pm) Daily
Alor Setar-Subang OD7503 13:50 (1.50pm) 15:00 (3pm) Daily
Subang-Alor Setar OD7504 14:30 (2.30pm) 15:40 (3.40pm) Daily
Alor Setar-Subang OD7505 16:00 (4pm) 17:10 (5.10pm) Daily
Subang-Johor Bharu OD1903 11:40 12:40 Daily
Johor Bharu-Subang OD1904 13:00 (1pm) 14:00 (2pm) Daily
Subang-Johor Bharu OD1909 17:40 (5.40pm) 18:40 (6.40pm) Daily
Johor Bharu-Subang OD1910 19:00 (7pm) 20:00 (8pm) Daily
Subang-Johor Bharu OD1911 20:20 (8.20pm) 21:20 (9.20pm) Daily
Johor Bharu-Subang OD1912 21:40 (9.40pm) 22:40 (10.40pm) Daily
Subang-Langkawi OD7400 07:50 09:05 Daily
Langkawi-Subang OD7401 09:25 10:40 Daily
Subang- Penang OD1102 09:00 10:00 Daily
Penang -Subang OD1103 10:20 11:20 Daily
Subang- Penang OD1118 20:30 (8.30pm) 21:30 (9.30pm) Daily
Penang -Subang OD1119 21:50 (9.50pm) 22:50 (10.50pm) Daily

All timings stated are local time in 24-hour format.

Extra Hari Raya services 28th Apr – 9th May 2022

[table style=”table-striped”]
 Sector  Flight No. Departure  Arrival  Added Frequency
KLIA-Kuching OD1638 19:10 (7.10pm) 20:55 (10.55pm) Daily
Kuching-KLIA OD1639 21:35 (9.35pm) 23:20 (11.20pm) Daily

All timings stated are local time in 24-hour format

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