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Malaysia Airlines receives IATA Fast Travel Green status

February 24, 20172 minute read
IATA Fast Travel Green

Malaysia Airlines has enhanced their ‘Green’ credentials now they have received the IATA Fast Travel Green certificate – the first Malaysian airline to do so. The award of the certificate recognises Malaysia Airlines’ efforts to make effective use of self service facilities to make travel more flexible and convenient for their passengers.

IATA Fast Travel Green

IATA’s Fast Travel Programme covers six areas of passenger travel:

  • check-in,
  • bags ready-to-go,
  • document check,
  • flight re-booking,
  • self-boarding,
  • bag recovery

Airlines are then ranked by IATA on their usage of these services. Malaysia Airlines has qualified by meeting five of the criteria – check-in, bags ready-to-go, flight re-booking, self-boarding and bag recovery. We look forward to the final tick on document checking being in place in the near future, as this is one area that significantly slows the check-in process.

IATA aims for 80% of global passengers to have access to a complete self-service suite throughout their journey by 2020. This is in line with their industry standards. Malaysia Airlines has a commitment to these standards as part of their strategy to leverage on technology which will simplify and reduce the time for check in, thus giving customers more control over their travel experience.

The certificate was presented by Sunil Chopra, IATA’s Area Manager for Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Malaysia Airlines’ CEO, Peter Bellew received it on behalf of the airline at the airline’s Head Office in Sepang.

… We are delighted to be the first Malaysian carrier to receive IATA’s Fast Travel Green certificate. This achievement marks a great milestone as we move towards improving our overall customer experience and the efficiency of the airline’s operations. Malaysia Airlines’ CEO, Peter Bellew

The airlines now working towards achieving Gold status which requires the implementation of the self-service travel document verification to passengers.

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