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Malaysia Airlines new CEO confirms direction

July 2, 20163 minute read
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The Board of Directors of Malaysia Aviation Group Berhad (MAG) has confirmed Chief Operating Officer (COO) Peter Bellew as the new Group Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB), replacing the current CEO Christoph Mueller, with immediate effect.

The new CEO didn’t waste any time getting on with the job – he has already been part of the team for some months and while thanking the MAG Board for entrusting the continuing of the restructuring to him, he identified four of the areas the Team will focus on in coming months.

The four ‘F’s of Going Forward

In confirming that many of the initiatives are on track, with performance yield up and costs down, CEO Bellew listed the specific areas of focus in the turnaround.

Fly Smart

To fly customers safely to their destinations:

  • Where they want to travel
  • Introduction of new routes to unserved ASEAN destinations
  • Promotion of Malaysia and Malaysian destinations globally
  • Great value fares
  • Superior service
  • Clean modern aircraft
  • Rebuilding of relationships with the global travel trade

These initiatives will be supported by the introduction of new systems making booking easier, to be introduced within the next 12 months:

  • A redesigned website and mobile apps
  • Upgraded Trade reservations system
  • Upgraded airport equipment

Passengers can look forward to finding it easier to select seats and particular flights, being served better nasi lemak and hopefully being able to add extras like additional baggage allowance before heading to the airport.


One of the main pain points in the turnaround had to be the ‘Cost Factor’. The CEO indicated that this area is now under control and well on track to improve the bottom line. Fuel savings has been a major positive factor in this exercise, with no compromise on safety of products and services.

He also indicated that Malaysia Airlines is planning to introduce some leisure flights in 2017 which will use KLIA2 as their base, given the lower costs of using this terminal which is designed for low cost carriers. The cost savings in using KLIA2 can be passed on to customers in the form of lower fares without any compromise on quality.

Fix It

Passengers demand:

  • Great service, both before their flight and in-flight
  • Flights to be On Time
  • Good food
  • Generous baggage allowances
  • Clean modern aircraft.

The commitment is to deliver on these passenger needs to be met by all staff across the Group.


With a workforce of fourteen thousand staff, Peter Bellew paid tribute to their resilience over the past few difficult years and recognised their commitment to rebuild a successful airline. Over the next three years he expects to ensure that all staff are well trained and able to carry the airline forward in the future.

I am excited to get to work, leading this proud airline and ensuring the national carrier regains its rightful place as the pride of the nation. We will fix it. Malaysia Boleh! Peter Bellew
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