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Air Asia pilot a celebrity of sorts

July 8, 201643 second read

An AirAsia pilot known as Captain Shaha Aminudin, has become a celebrity of sorts after his habit of turning his pre-flight announcements into poetry caught the ears of passengers.

Captain Shaha uses ‘pantun’, a traditional four line Malay poetry form to make his announcements and has captivated his audiences with his wit and humour. Although mostly in Bahasa Malaysia, you may be lucky to catch him ‘perform’ in English, so listen carefully next time you take an AirAsia flight.

Since passengers started sharing clips they’d made of the announcements with various hashtags including #captainpantun, the Captain has been invited to appear on local TV and radio shows. AirAsia has compiled some of these into a YouTube clip which ends with their Hari Raya greeting, which appeared in local newspapers on the first day of Hari Raya, 6th July 2016.

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