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MAB Academy to produce industry-ready pilots

September 25, 20213 minute read
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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on airlines across South East Asia and other regional areas as many borders have been closed for over a year. With many pilots unable to maintain their skills, there is expected fo be strong demand for industry-ready pilots as flights resume.

Producing industry-ready pilots

To prepare for the expected uptick in demand for pilots, MAB Academy and Asia Aeronautical Training Academy (AATA) have announced a collaboration to produce future-ready pilots in anticipation of the post-COVID-19 rebound in the aviation industry. The Academy is a one-stop Aviation and Hospitality Centre of Aviation under the Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) and Asia Aeronautical Training Academy (AATA) is the approved Flight Training Organisation of the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM).

The collaboration allows MAB Academy to officially become one of AATA’s Industry Advisory Panels, advising the flying academy on the relevance of their training curriculum to industry needs. MAB Academy will also provide feedback on any critical issues and challenges related to the training or any future industry requirements. Notably, the collaboration will also validate both parties to improve the current pilot training quality.

The collaboration was formalised by signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between MAB Academy Chief and AATA recently.


There are three main prongs to the collaboration to produce Industry-ready pilots with a one-stop-centre for the regional aviation industry which supports the development of the national aviation agenda. The aviation industry globally is experiencing a shift in the needs for employees with a wider scope of knowledge and sophisticated skills due to advancing technology. 

  • MAB Academy will become one of Asia Aeronautical Training Academy’s Industry Advisory Panels.
    • The advisory panel will reduce the gap between the current output of the education and training system and the real requirements and demands of the profession.
  • Asia Aeronautical Training Academy facilitates MAB Academy as one of its’ recruitment centres.
    • This gives AATA graduating students the opportunity to work with sister companies of MAB Academy under the Malaysia Aviation Group.
  • MAB Academy and Asia Aeronautical Training Academy will work together in youth development.
    • The AATA-MAB Academy Youth Development Programme provides the platform for tomorrow’s generation to learn new knowledge and skills related to aviation.
    • create awareness for those interested and passionate about taking a career in aviation.
    • Activities include facility visits, professional talks, aviation awareness camp and aviation competitions.

For more information, check out the MAB Academy website.

…. AATA will work hard to ensure that our students are marketable and employable. The key Critical Success Factor is to have our stakeholders advising us on the training programmes that we offer. This will certainly reduce the mismatch between what we produce and what the airlines are expecting. Dr Mohammad Fahmi Abdul Ghafir, AATA Executive Director
industry-ready pilots

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