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Laksa of the Region (LOTR) at the GTF 2017

December 20, 20162 minute read
Chinese rojak (fruit salad), Penang laksa, Laksa of the Region

The George Town Festival 2017 is taking shape since organisers first put out the call for proposals towards the end of November 2016. One of the first projects to be announced is the Laksa of the Region (LOTR) showcase where visitors can try the eight or nine types found in Penang, among at least twenty or more found in the region.

Laksa of the Region – what is Laksa?

The Laksa you eat in Penang is quite different from the Laksa in Johor which is different again from that enjoyed in Sarawak – to give a general description of the dish as you find it in different locations is quite impossible. In Penang, it’s special noodles in a fish based soup with a  strong tamarind (assam) influence, hence the name assam laksa. If you ask for laksa in Penang, that’s what you’ll get. Some stalls sell it with fish sauce mixed in, some leave it out and some may give you an option.

Anyone who’s a fan of the dish and has had the opportunity to try many stalls, will have their particular favourite, but will be willing and generally enthusiastic about trying another stall, if only to prove to themselves that their favourite is ‘the best’.

If you want the type of laksa favoured in the Klang Valley (around Kuala Lumpur), you’ll need to search out ‘curry mee’, though there are differences from what you’d be used to as well. The flavour tends to be more restrained and the curry not so red when compared to the Klang Valley variety.

…. Food is the one thing to bring the whole region together and we decided to bring different types of laksa from all over the region in the showcase.  The public can vote for the best after testing the different laksas available. Festival director Joe Sidek

The George Town Festival 2017 runs from 28th July to 3rd September 2017.


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