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KL Petronas Twin Towers – Top of the Town

January 13, 20157 minute read
Looking south from the 86th floor
Looking south from the 86th floor

If you’re in Kuala Lumpur at a loose end and want to fill a day or so, you can spend your time productively at the KL City Centre (the Petronas Twin Towers) without spending a lot of money. If you’re staying nearby, you can walk over and spend time in the park which lies on the eastern side of the towers and offers impressive views of the towers and connecting skybridge.

If you come by the LRT (the underground light rail), which connects to the main KL Sentral Station, you exit at KLCC Station on the Putra line. Turn left as you pass through the exit turnstiles and the underground tunnel will take you right to the Ampang Mall arm of Suria KLCC Shopping Centre at the Concourse level. There is also an entry just above from Jalan Ampang on the Ground floor. Entering from the South on foot or by taxi, you will enter the Ground floor into Ramlee Mall and the Park Mall opens, not unsurprisingly, to the KLCC Park. Along the outside of the mall you can enjoy al fresco dining all day and well into the evening at any of the many restaurants offering a good view of the world passing by.

Petronas Twin Towers, KL Suria shopping centre
KL Suria shopping centre

The Shopping Centre offers six floors of shopping and food outlets as well as cinemas and Galeri Petronas on the Third Floor where you can catch a movie or a free art exhibition. Petrosains on the Fourth Floor is an Interactive Science Discovery Centre offering fun displays and activities for kids big and small. For more information about current displays and entry costs, go to the Petrosains website. If you prefer to spend your time looking for a new book, pop across to Kinokuniya bookstore on the same floor and then take it up to their coffee shop on the mezzanine where you can enjoy your book and the view of the park at the same time.

KLCC food court
KLCC food court

Suria KLCC has shops and food outlets catering to all levels of spending. While the top international brands are centered around the Central court and on the Mall arms at Concourse and Ground level, there are many shopping offerings for those on a budget. Souvenirs are available on the stands at Concourse level and you could try Tenmoku Pottery among others, on the Third floor, which offers beautifully packaged local pottery items. IT & electronic goods and cameras are also found along the Ramlee Mall on the Third floor. Isetan and Cold Storage Supermarkets are located on the Concourse level.

chicken teppanyaki
chicken teppanyaki

Food outlets are scattered throughout the complex. If you want to ‘buy and go’, the Ampang Mall Concourse level will give a good range of choice. There are two Food courts. ‘Signatures’ is the more extensive with local, western and fast food offerings located at Level 3 at the top of the main escalator. The Rasa Food Arena is tucked away at the end of the Ampang Mall on Level Four. A wide variety of local and other cuisines is available in sit down restaurants dotted around the complex, catering for almost every taste requirement.

Important to note!

Suria KLCC is easy enough to get around if you are able-bodied. However, if you are in a wheelchair or have small children and a stroller, you will have to know where to find the lifts. There are a couple at the end of the Ampang and Ramlee Malls, but the more obvious ones are the two bubble lifts located in the Central Court which run between the Concourse and Fourth Floors. If it opens in front of you, get in! Doesn’t matter if it’s in the way up or down, you may not get another chance. For some strange reason, this is a free-for-all pushing zone and the combatants are both Malaysians and tourists as well.

chicken rice
chicken rice

There is quite a good children’s toilet/nursing room on the Concourse level, tucked in behind Uniqlo, but you will need to ask the information centre people (at the foot of the escalator) to direct you because it’s not shown on the Mall map.

If you drive to get to Suria KLCC, there are a number of dedicated ‘Ladies Parking’ zones and there is a travelator near Isetan which will take you up to the Concourse level near the supermarket.

To make things easier, here is an online printable map and more information.

Other things to do in the Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Tower Visit
Looking north from the 86th floor
Looking north from the 86th floor

Top of the list has to be The Tower Visit which takes you to the 86th floor with a stop at the skybridge on the way. If you have a clear day, this is a brilliant trip. On Ground level in the tower area,you can see the sign leading you to the escalators down to the ticket desks. You can check opening times and book your tickets online (Click on the Ticket link on the page). Please note that the Visit is closed on Mondays. As there are discounts for MyKad and MyKid holders (Malaysian IDs), you need to purchase these at the ticketing counter because they need to sight your card to give the discount. Tip! If you are a Senior Citizen (over 55 years old) book at the counter as well, because you will get a very special discount – this applies to everyone, not just those with Malaysian ID. Get there early as only a limited number of tickets are available for each time slot.

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

IMAG1160 The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra is a world class orchestra with an international cast of musicians including some who have been here since the inception of the orchestra in 1998. If there is a performance on when you are in town, there is likely to be something you will enjoy and ticket prices are very reasonable. Four times a year, there are special afternoon performances for families, which are always well attended. The dress code for all performances is Smart Casual, to encourage wider participation from the community. Check the programme and ticket pricing at the MPO website.IMAG1166

Aquaria KLCC

If you have children in tow, they will love the beautiful walk through Oceanarium in Aquaria KLCC. 90 metres of walking through ‘oohs and ahhhs’ await you as you are surrounded by many colourful fish, sharks and stingrays. Interactive feeding displays are scheduled throughout the day and you may like to try out the ‘Dive with Sharks’ package. The Aquaria is a short walk via underground tunnel (or along the edge of the lake) just near the Cold Storage Supermarket. Tip! If you drive, park in the main KLCC parking as parking is more limited in the Aquaria area, made even more difficult if there is a Trade Fair going on in the KL Convention Centre above. For more information and to book tickets online, go to the Aquaria KLCC website.

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