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Jetstar check-in times tighten to improve performance

May 17, 20233 minute read
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If you’ve ever boarded your flight but had to wait for a last-minute arrival before take-off, you’ll welcome the Jetstar check-in and boarding time changes due to take effect from 23rd May 2023. These changes, which also affect bag drop times, were communicated to Jetstar customers yesterday by email and text message as part of on-going efforts to improve reliability and on-time performance.

If you’re travelling on a Jetstar flight, you’ll need to arrive at the airport earlier. Please note that the time refers to the time you actually reach the check-in / bag drop counters and the actual Boarding gate. So allow for the time spent in the queue, especially if you are flying international. This can add an hour or more to the time you need.  

Domestic travellers

If the airport uses self check-in machines and bag drop facilities, use them. They will save you a lot of time. Check-in online if this is available.

  • Check-in and bag drop will close 40 minutes before departure – 10 minutes earlier
  • Boarding gates will close 20 minutes before departure – 15 minutes earlier

International travellers

International travellers should note the time the check-in counters open and be there as soon after this, if possible. This is especially important during peak periods. Have all your documents ready as online-check-in is currently not available, and documents will need to be checked. If you are through the queue quickly, head straight for the departure area as Immigration and Customs checks can also be lengthy.

  • Check-in and bag drop will close at least 60 minutes before international flights depart
    • This is when you need to be at the counter, not still in the queue
  • Boarding gates will close 20 minutes before domestic and international flights
    • Don’t waste time heading for the gates

Jetstar’s management is aware that their performance hasn’t been the best and these changes will bring them into line with other budget airlines across the world.

…. To improve our performance, we’re also recruiting more airport staff, cabin crew and engineering team members and making changes to our check-in, bag drop and boarding times….Jetstar’s COO Matt Franzi

Does Jetstar check-in measure up against other low-cost airlines?

Jetstar check-in and other timings are really just moving to be more in line with the requirements of other local and international airlines. By checking in earlier and getting your bag off your hands, it’s easier for you and definitely allows more time for the staff to complete all the necessary bag loading and pre-flight checks.

  • Bonza: check-in and bag drop – 40 minutes before departure
    • Domestic only
  • easyjet: online check-in – 2 hours before departure
    • bag drop closes 40 – 60 minutes before departure
  • Ryanair: check-in closes 40 minutes before departure
    • boarding closes 20 minutes before departure
  • Scoot: check-in and bag drop closes 60 minutes before departure.
  • AirAsia: check-in and bag drop closes 60 minutes before departure.
    • Check-in online and present documents for verification
  • Jetstar Asia: Like their Australian counterpart, they note the following on your Itinerary:
    • Online check-in is currently unavailable for international flights.
    • Due to the additional documentation required for travel, please arrive at the airport early and allow extra time for check-in.
    • You will need to bring all relevant travel documents with you, including COVID-19 test results, vaccination certificates and entry permits, where required.
    • Before you arrive at the airport, please ensure you have met any other mandatory requirements.
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