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How much Baggage allowance do I get?

May 21, 20158 minute read
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Whether you prefer to travel  ‘Low Cost’ or ‘Full Service’, it’s important to know how much baggage allowance you have. This is especially important if you need to take a lot of things with you or if you love to accumulate ‘stuff’ to bring home. Excess baggage is expensive and it’s best to be prepared.

Here is a small selection of non-US carriers to get you started. Please note that the allowances shown are for International flights unless specified. Some airlines do give different allowances for International and Domestic flights, others don’t.

** Maximum dimension of bag = length + width + height – written as (Linear xxxcm)

Full Service Airlines

[table style=”table-striped”]
Airline Economy allowance (free) Comments Hand Carry
Comments More information
Garuda Airlines 20kg additional for member card holders, based on card type 7 kg
(Linear 115 cm)
Garuda Airlines baggage information link
40kg students / labour workers/ship crew
10kg infant 10% fare
Malaysia Airlines Any number of pieces weighing 30 kg (Linear 158 cm) total. Additional baggage may be pre-purchased. additional for member card holders, based on card type 1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 115 cm)
additional small items are allowed e.g. handbag etc. (details) Malaysia Airlines Baggage Information link
Golfing equipment Please see link for details 10kg
(Linear 115 cm)
+ fully collapsible stroller or bassinet
‘Zam Zam’ water 10kg for ‘Umrah’ and ‘Hajj’ travellers from Jeddah
Singapore Airlines 30kg additional for PPS Club or KrisFlyer Elite Gold member 1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 115 cm)
cabin baggage will be checked and overweight items must be checked-in Singapore Airlines Baggage Information link
Infant – 10kg + fully collapsible stroller and bassinet or car seat
Qantas 30kg
(Linear 158cm)
no limit on # of pieces, additional weight for member card based on type 1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 115 cm)
+ personal items e.g. handbag etc. Qantas Baggage Information link
+ own use medical/life dependant equipment + 2 pieces of mobility equipment OR
non rigid garment bag (Linear 185 cm)
Qatar Airways 30kg
(Linear 300 cm)
+ certified medical equipment 1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 112 cm)
+ personal items e.g. handbag etc. Qatar Airways Baggage Information link
Emirates Special Fare: 20kg
Saver Fare: 30kg
Flex Fare: 30kg
Flex Plus Fare: 35kg
(Linear 300 cm)
+ certified medical equipment 1 piece, 7 kg
(55 x 38 x 20 cm)
India: Linear 115 cm Emirates Baggage Information link
Etihad Airways Economy Deal: 23kg
Economy Saver and Classic: 30kg
Economy Flex: 35kg
(90cm x 72cm x 45cm)
1 piece, 7 kg
(50cm x 40cm x 25cm)
+ 5kg personal items e.g. handbag etc. Etihad Airways Baggage Information link
British Airways 2 pieces,
max 23kg each (Y Class ticket)
additional pieces/weight for member card based on type 1 cabin bag up to 23kg,
(Linear 126cm)
Duty free items included in total weight British Airways Baggage Information link
1 piece,
max 23kg
Other class tickets with baggage allowance + personal bag up to 23kg,
(Linear 101cm)
Infant – I standard bag + fully collapsible stroller and car seat
+ own use pieces of mobility equipment as needed
Malindo Air All domestic passengers receive 15kg allowance 25kg on international services International Excess baggage charges vary according to destination 1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 90cm)
Baggage Information link
  Excess baggage may be pre purchased online, at RM39.22 per kg 30kg for passengers to Kathmandu, Bangladesh and India

Low Cost / Commuter airlines

** Costs are given in home currency of the airline and may vary depending on the currency of the booking location. Prices may vary from those shown at time of writing.

[table style=”table-striped”]
Airline International Domestic Comments Hand Carry (free) More information
AirAsia up to 20kg MYR89up to 25kg MYR99
up to 30kg MYR129
up to 40kg MYR199
up to 15kg MYR26.50up to 20kg MYR31.80up to 25kg MYR42.40
up to 30kg MYR63.60
up to 40kg MYR116.60
maximum per piece(Linear 319 cm, 32kg).
Checked baggage weight may be shared with passengers on same booking number.
Free carriage for baby buggies/prams/strollers and other mobility devices. Baggage charges at airport are higher
1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 115cm) + personal items e.g. handbag etc.
AirAsia Baggage Information link
Scoot (A)
up to 15kg $20 SGDup to 20kg $22 SGDup to 25kg $28 SGDup to 30kg $42 SGDup to 35kg $55 SGD
up to 40kg $75 SGD
up to 15kg $36 SGDup to 20kg $40 SGDup to 25kg $47 SGDup to 30kg $60 SGDup to 35kg $70 SGD
up to 40kg $80 SGD
No limit on number, pay for weight(A)   – Flights less than 5 hrs(B)   – Flights over 5 hrs.
These charges are for online bookings.
Call centre and ‘Manage booking’ charges are higher
1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 115cm) + 3kg for laptop** Please note that the total has now been updated to 10kg, 2 pieces allowed.
Baggage Information link
Jetstar (A)up to 15kg AU$27up to 20kg AU$28up to 25kg AU$35up to 30kg AU$50

up to 35kg AU$55
up to 40kg AU$60

(B)up to 15kg AU$46.50up to 20kg AU$51up to 25kg AU$65up to 30kg AU$75

up to 35kg AU$85
up to 40kg AU$95

Charges per passenger, per flight(A)   – Brisbane / Bali(B)   – Bali / Brisbane.
No limit on number, pay for weight.
Starter Max passengers automatically receive 20kg, can purchase up to 20kg extra.
1 piece per infant of stroller / portable / car seat / portable high chair (free).
Own use wheelchair (free).
1 piece + personal items e.g. handbag etc, combined weight7 kg
(Linear 114cm)
Baggage Information link** You can only find out the charges when you book. Be aware that return baggage costs may be different from outgoing.
Virgin (Australia) International Short Haul passengers 23kg (Linear 140 cm) International Long Haul (non US) passengers 30kg (Linear 158 cm) Domestic passengers 23kg (Linear 140cm) 1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 115cm) + personal items e.g. handbag etc.
Virgin (Australia)
Baggage Information link
additional for member card holders, based on card type Infants + one stroller, bassinet or car seat
baggage depending on destination
Medical assistance items (wheelchairs, crutches etc)
Firefly All domestic passengers receive 15kg allowance All international passengers receive 20kg allowance Excess baggage purchased at airport
counter charges –
Domestic RM175 per 5kg,
International RM250 per 5kg
1 piece, 7 kg
(Linear 115cm) + personal items e.g. handbag etc.
Baggage Information link
Excess baggage may be pre purchased online, at RM60 per 5kg (up to +15kg) Excess baggage may be pre purchased online, at RM100 per 5kg (up to +15kg) Medical assistance items (wheelchairs, crutches etc)
If you know you’ll be over the limit and can’t do much about it, there are a few options you might like to explore:
  •  You can often pool your luggage allowance with others flying on the same booking. This is especially useful when you have a mix of heavy and light ‘packers’. Check this when you book, it’s usually stated somewhere as you move through, usually when the allowance is noted.
  • Pre-purchase excess baggage. This is much cheaper than finding out at the airport! Get a small set of digital luggage scales to help you stay within the limits.
  • Many airlines have an ‘unaccompanied baggage’ option. It’s generally less expensive than using a courier and may also be less than excess baggage, even pre-purchased. You may also have to collect it at a customs store if it’s an international flight. These parameters will vary depending on the goods you intend to carry.
Other things to note:
  • Most airlines require that each piece of checked in baggage DOES NOT exceed 32 kg to comply with Global Health and Safety regulations for baggage handlers.
  • If you are travelling to the United States with a ‘per piece’ allowance, it is important to note that if you have an onward Domestic flight, the allowances are generally less and excess baggage is costly. It is wise to check with the particular airline when you book.
  • LAG bag (Liquids, Aerosols & Gels) carried as carry-on , must be in sizes of 100ml or less. More information on LAGs HERE. (This information is from Malaysia Airlines, but it’s pretty standard and explains the rules in a practical way.)
  • Many airlines have a ‘bulky items’ policy for oversized or strangely shaped items (e.g. surfboards) and many airports have a special drop off point for these items. (including Singapore Changi, Kuala Lumpur KLIA and Brisbane, Australia)
Check the weight!

baggage allowance Now you know how much you can carry, get yourself a digital bag scale. The price has come down considerably since we bought our ‘brick’ some years ago, and there are quite a few types on the market. Many of the airlines sell these from their online or on-board stores, or you can purchase at travel stores.

Ours is a reliable and well known brand, Balanzza and you should be able to pick up either this one or a new smaller model. This one was purchased on board one of our flights and I have seen it in a number of in-flight sales booklets.

We have always found the measurements to be accurate.

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