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cabin baggage allowance, carry-on bag,klia2,processing fee,Low Cost Terminal klia2

AirAsia updates cabin baggage allowance

by Lesleyon July 9, 2020
AirAsia has updated their cabin baggage allowance yo ensure no-one will be caught out by weight and size checks at the boarding gate.
cabin baggage allowance, carry-on bag,klia2,processing fee,Low Cost Terminal klia2

Is your carry-on bag the right size?

by Lesleyon September 21, 2018
Ever had your carry-on bag rejected at the departure gate? Be prepared with this hand new app available for iOS.
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TRAVEL ALERT: US cabin electronics ban partially lifted

by Brianon July 6, 2017
The US cabin electronics ban has been partially lifted for inbound Middle East passengers, including those flying from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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TRAVEL ALERT: Cabin electronics restrictions on US and UK flights

by Brianon March 23, 2017
New restrictions are set to restrict carriage of electronic devices larger than a mobile phone on some flights bound for the United States and the UK
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AirAsia reinforces carry-on bag rules

by Lesleyon March 9, 2017
Carry-on baggage reminders from AirAsia and AirAsia X. No changes, just a reminder!
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5 tips for travelling Hand Luggage Only

by Cameronon August 12, 2015
How to avoid checked baggage costs and save time and money.

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What can I hand carry on board my flight?

by Lesleyon June 30, 2015
Negotiate the many rules of what you can and can't take on board an international or domestic flight as hand carry items.
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IATA working with airlines on Carry-On bags

by Lesleyon June 15, 2015
IATA is working with airlines to make selecting a carry-on bag size easier and make storage on board quicker and easier.