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Hong Kong Airlines launches MCP Payment Solution

September 1, 201543 second read

As many airlines are moving towards multi-currency payment options, the latest to announce their offering of this service is Hong Kong Airlines who, with their ePayment service and technology provider AsiaPay have inked a collaboration with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) technologies provider FEXCO.

HK PricingThe partnership will see FEXCO’s Currency Risk Management MCP solution fully integrated into the Hong Kong Airlines core operating system and website, offering multiple benefits to both airline and passengers. These include a more customised and transparent shopping experience. With the integration of FEXCO’s MCP platform, the airline can offer their fares and ancillary products in multiple currencies, allowing the passenger to select their preferred currency in which to browse the website. They will then be able to make payment in a currency they are familiar with.

Hong Kong Airlines is one of the 37 Skytrax certified 4 Star airlines.

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