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Get Singapore Airlines’ Flight Info on Google Home

April 19, 20182 minute read
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Singapore Airlines (SIA) has introduced a new way for travellers to access flight information, using their own voice.

SIA flight information on Google Home

Singapore Airlines is the first carrier in South East Asia to offer flight information using the service, launched in Singapore on 18th April 2018. The company says the use of Google Home will offer fast and easy access to a variety of services.

What, How, When?

Google Home is a voice-enabled speaker powered by the Google Assistant.

  • Users give a voice-initiated instruction to obtain information on Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flights.
  • Information includes up-to-date status on
    • departures and arrivals,
    • dates & times
    • airport terminals

SIA will progressively increase the amount of information available via Google Home to include additional pre-flight queries. The new service is an extension of the Airline’s beta chatbot, Kris, available on the SIA global Facebook. This is an in-house team project, which will launch on before July 2018.

…. We are excited to have this opportunity to join the Google Home and the Google Assistant platforms. This is part of our drive to use digital capabilities to offer greater convenience to our customers and engage with them beyond traditional channels of contact. Singapore Airlines Senior VP Customer Services & Operations, Marvin Tan

Google Home devices will be available for purchase at, SIA’s online retail store, within the next few days.

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