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Free Indian visa for Malaysians until June 25

July 1, 20242 minute read
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Following a recent Indian High Commission announcement, Malaysian travellers visiting India will make considerable savings with the introduction of a free Indian visa from 1st July 2024. The no cost, 30-day double-entry electronic visa initiative will run until 30th June, 2025.

Free Indian visa: eligibility and application

Currently, citizens of 172 countries are eligible to apply for an e-visa, although costs vary depending on the country. Passport holders from a limited number of countries (Japan, South Korea and UAE) can enter visa free, although UAE nationals should have applied earlier for an e-Visa or paper visa.

In a statement, the High Commission said applications may be made online through the official Indian visa portal and the e-tourist visa must be used within 120 days of issuance. The statement also confirmed that all existing rules regarding e-tourist visas and other categories will continue to apply.

If you prefer to apply for a paper visa, either directly through the High Commission or use an outsourced service provider to obtain the visa on your behalf, the statement confirmed that travellers will still be required to pay the prescribed visa fees. 

The standard e-tourist visa fee cost about RM450 prior to 1st July, payable online. Indian passport holders travelling to Malaysia have been eligible for visa-free entry into Malaysia for up to 30 days from 1st Dec, 2023 until 31st Dec 2024.

Travellers from other countries

The website doesn’t seem to have any list which lays out the charges for different countries. However, please note that different fees may be levied for different countries visa types, length of stay and time of year. There may also be a service charge, although the actual visa may be free.
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