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Applying for your Indian Visa, costs rise

July 1, 20182 minute read
Indian Visa

There are very few travellers who do not need a visa to travel to India. Apart from these few, including Bhutan and Maldives, everyone else needs to apply for an Indian Visa to travel to the country. This handy link lets you check if you need a visa.

Costs increase for Indian Visa

Tourist visa fees for passport holders of most countries increased on 25th June 2018 for visas from 1st July.

As one example, Malaysians travelling to India will now have to pay MYR 320 for an eVisa valid for four months. This is a significant increase from the previous cost of MYR 200. 

In addition:

  • Over-the-counter visas now cost MYR 462.56
    • excluding service charges
    • validity period is one year.
  • The cheaper MYR 194.56, six-month visa is discontinued.

These increases add significantly to the cost of travel to India and should be factored to the cost of getting there.

eVisas are available for travellers from most countries for the purpose of

  • recreation
  • sight seeing
  • visit to meet friends or relatives
  • short duration medical treatment
  • casual business visit

They are not available for those carrying passports of Bangladesh or Pakistan, or of Pakistani origin.

To apply for your Indian visa

It is not necessary to use an agent to process your application as it is easier and less expensive to go direct.

  • Full details for all travellers, including fees and visa categories, is available on the Indian Visa Online website.
  • Apply for your e-Visa online direct from the official issuing office.
  • For tips on getting a visa as well as keeping your passport safe, click HERE.
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