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CELEBRA8 free flights with Firefly

April 8, 20153 minute read

In conjunction with Firefly’s 8th Anniversary on 7th April, 2015, the airline is offering some goodies if you book by 9th April. With lots of new initiatives brought forward recently, including access to FPX real time online payment and new aircraft bringing the total to 17 ATR 72 series aircraft.

With ten domestic and eight regional neighbourhood destinations, it makes sense to jump in and book your next trip while the offer is available as they have 88,888 free flight tickets available for booking. ** Note that the airline does have offers from time to time so even if you miss out this time, use the tips below to help you find your best price!

How to find your free flights:

  • One important point to note is that ‘free’ applies to the base fare and after all taxes are applied, you will actually have to pay RM41.34 for your ticket. This is made up of an admin fee of RM30 (up from RM20 prior to 1st April 2015), Airport Tax of RM9 and the new GST (also since 1st April 2015) of 6%. Details of the fee breakdown HERE. This link also gives you the fees for international flights as well as other charges like excess baggage or changing flights etc.
  • Any fare price quoted higher than RM41.34 does not have a ‘free’ base fare.Also important to note:
  • Firefly includes a 20kg checked baggage allowance per passenger and you get a snack on flights of an hour or more.
  • If you book online direct at the Firefly website, they don’t charge any extra credit card fee like some other airlines do.
  • Read the last page carefully before you get to the checkout – that’s where they add Insurance a taxi booking fee, optional meals and lounge access etc. Some have to be checked to select, others to remove, or you have to find the link to ‘remove’.
  • There’s also a default check on the ‘change flight’ option which is quite expensive, so read carefully or you will get a shock when you see your final total and have to go back and find what you want to remove.

If you have some flexibility with the dates you travel, Firefly has introduced a new ‘Lowest Fare’ button. Once you have selected the general dates you want, you will be given a choice of lowest prices in the general time frame. You can see the lowest fare on your preferred date highlighted and the lowest on other dates nearby in case you’d like to change the date.

Apart from the 88,888 free flight tickets to all its destinations, (excluding airport taxes, GST and surcharges) on offer until 9th April, Firefly is giving away Furious 7 movie tickets to lucky passengers.

Tickets purchased during the sale period are available for dates between 21st April 2015 and 26 March 2016.

For more information on Firefly’s services and promotions, or to make a booking, visit the Firefly website.

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