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Catch the rail/bus to KLIA/klia2 – a guide

April 28, 20195 minute read
rail/bus to KLIA/klia2

Tickets are now available for the rail/bus to KLIA/klia2, a new service launched in March 2019 by public transport operators RapidKL. Tickets are priced at MYR10, regardless of where you join the rail service. This makes the journey especially good value if you are travelling from anywhere along the RapidKL network. The services include KL Monorail, MRT, BRT and the LRT services. Make good use of the interchange stations, including KL Sentral and Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS) to connect to the LRT services to Putra Heights.

UPDATE rail/bus to KLIA/klia2

With reduced flights to and from KLIA and klia2 due to Covid-19, the rail/bus to KLIA/klia2 has been reduced to peak hour service only. The service runs between 7 and 9am and 5 to 7pm from Putra Heights and between 4.40/6pm and 7.40/8pm from KLIA/klia2. Check the schedule for any changes on the MyRapid update page.

Buy your ticket at the station. Just ask for the combo rail/bus to KLIA/klia2 ticket. They’ll take your MYR10 and give you a blue token for the rail portion and a paper ticket for the bus.

From the airport, you purchase your ticket from the bus driver. He will give you a paper ticket, which you must exchange for the blue token at the Putra Heights LRT station.

Testing the service

We recently took a trip to test out the system and found that while it may be quicker to drive or take a taxi/Grab, you will definitely save money. On top of that, the ride is reasonably comfortable and you can read instead of fighting the traffic yourself.

Plan your journey before you leave. As the rail services are more frequent, the link will help you judge when you should set off to make the bus time you require. Buses leave Putra Heights and KLIA on the hour and half hour and from klia2 at quarter to/past the hour. They do a loop at the airport, to KLIA first, then klia2 before they return to Putra Heights. The journey from Putra Heights to KLIA takes just under an hour and another 10 minutes or so to klia2. 

If you’re working at the airport, Rapid KL is currently promoting a monthly pass for MYR200. Enquire at any KL Monorail, MRT, BRT or LRT station.

Finding the Bus

Finding the bus at Putra Heights is easy enough. The transport hub is below the LRT station, to the back. Follow the sign down the stairs/escalator, two levels down. There is also a lift, useful if you have luggage or can’t use the escalator. You’ll pass a mini market on the way, if you need a drink or snack. There are no luggage trolleys. If you have to wait for your bus, the air conditioned waiting room has plenty of seating.

At the airport, in KLIA the bus pulls in to marked bays. Bays 6 & 7 are currently allocated for the Rapid bus. To reach the Bus hub from the terminal, you need to head for Carpark C and follow the signs after you cross the walkover. There are plenty of signs. Carpark C is to your right as you exit the Arrival Halls. However, you first need to go left, to the escalator/lift and go down one level to Level 2

In klia2, stay on the Arrival level 2, until you reach the pickup area at the front of the building. The escalator down to the Transport Hub on Level 1 is on the left of the centre door (Door 2) near the Information counter. There’s currently a Family Mart beside the escalator. The up escalator is opposite, beside the Level 1 bag wrapping stand, handy for travellers heading for the Departure floor (Level 3).

The bus pulls in to any available bay along Platform B. You will need to wait nearby so you can see the bus when it arrives, as it doesn’t wait for long. Purchase your ticket from the driver as you board.

An alternative to consider

If you live close to Putra Heights, you might also like to consider Jetbus. This service, which also runs from the TBS, will cost MYR6 each way and offers comfortable buses with seatbelts and footrests. If you have luggage, it goes below in the luggage hold.

The ticket counter is at the foot of the lower escalator/stairs, on the road side, beside the taxi stand. The only drawback at the moment, is that the service is not as frequent as that provided by the Rapid KL buses.  You can purchase tickets online, at BusOnlineTicket and CatchThatBus


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