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Bali flights to & from Australia and elsewhere – More UPDATES

November 27, 20154 minute read
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An update on how to find the latest information about flight disruptions, depending on your airline and location.

September/October 2017 – Please check with your airline to see if your flights are affected by the current situation with Mt Agung experiencing internal rumblings. Many of the links in this story will go to updated airline links.

29th November: Due to the volcanic eruption at Mt Rinjani on Lombok Island near Denpasar (Bali), the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)  Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre have advised that any eruptions are now minor and ash has generally dissipated. Conditions in the vicinity of Denpasar Airport have improved with variable winds and the advisory has ceased although the situation continues to be monitored. Conditions for flying are favourable. Please note that this may change if eruptions resume as it depends on the location and height of any smoke plumes.

The Denpasar airport website and their update links are all in Bahasa Indonesia, so please enable translation facilities on your browser. They are currently updating information on the current situation infrequently, only in Bahasa Indonesia with no translation on the site. Please check your flight status on the airline site.

If you have a flight departing to or from Bali, you should also check the flight status (see the links below) in case there are changes in the situation. 

Check the links for more specific information by clicking on on the Airline Names below. Please be aware that the volcano may continue to erupt, so with unpredictable winds, the on-going situation is impossible to predict. Affected airlines will reassess the situation on an on-going basis and make the necessary updates.

Virgin Australia has indicated that as the situation has improved today and daytime flights to and from Australia on 29th  and 30th November will proceed. For further information on the flight details and advice regarding rebooking, please click on our link.

Jetstar flights have updated their flight alerts page to say that there are currently no disruptions. However, passengers should be aware that if wind conditions change, flights may be cancelled at short notice.  Please check the link above for the latest and most complete information.  The list of cancelled and retimed flights is on the link. Should there be any change, the page will be updated quite promptly. 

Air New Zealand  currently has no information regarding cancelled flights but passengers can check the link for updates.

AirAsia flights have returned to normal due to the current eruptions. Check the bottom of the homepage or this LINK for any updates. They do have links on their home page which are updated as need be. You can check the status of upcoming flights HERE

Garuda has a number of flights from various locations to Bali (Denpasar) as well as Lombok and other destinations nearby. Check their running ‘Newsflash’ for any updates. They are currently updating any airport closures, cancellations of disruptions.

MalaysiaAirlines have a News alert at the bottom of the Home page which is updated if there are cancellations due to airport closure. In addition, please check your flight status HERE

Singapore Airlines operating flights as normal, with no specific updates for the Bali or Surabaya routes.  Check the status of your flight HERE. The airline also has travel advice for various situations. Currently no cancellations.

Cathay Pacific has a number of flights to Bali, though currently they are not reporting any disruptions. This is their travel alert link. Latest INFO here.

Thai Airways does not have a specific travel alert link, but they will put one on the page linked on the airline name if flights are affected. Currently no disruptions.

I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport is sadly not a great site for information as their updates are occasional. However, you can use the link to check, in case they do add something new, or update the arrivals/departures information on the page. The site is in Bahasa Indonesia, but you can translate it. 

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