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AirAsia’s Chinese New Year Boy and the Lion

January 18, 20203 minute read
Boy and the Lion

All kids love a lion dance and Chinese New Year is the best time to see them. In a fresh look at this age old tradition, AirAsia brings us this integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations, welcoming the good and keeping away the bad. The Boy and The Lion is seen through the child’s imagination as a young pilot, looking for the lion in the sky. We then see him inside an AirAsia aircraft, en route to his grandmother’s house.

The Boy and The Lion

The story continues with his enjoyment of the intricacies of Chinese New Year tradition. We feel his excitement as he participates in the important reunion dinner and recognise the symbolism of receiving a red packet from his father – giving him the luck he needs to find the lion. Of course, he will specially enjoy the money hiding inside.

The 3-minute video conceptualised by AirAsia’s in-house brand team, depicts Joshua’s excitement travelling to his grandmother’s house for the festival. It was scripted by AirAsia’s in-house brand team.

….. At AirAsia, we want to encourage our flyers to start the new decade with excitement and childlike wonder, letting it light the path to achieve double blessings of abundance, adventure and happiness for the new year. Riad Asmat, AirAsia Malaysia CEO

Watch “The Boy and The Lion”

Chinese New Year fare promo

Like Joshua, go on your own adventures with all-in AirAsia BIG Member promotional fares starting from MYR18* available for booking on or the AirAsia mobile app until 19th January 2020 (2359 GMT +8)  for travel between 1st September 2020 – 2nd March 2021.
* All-in fares including taxes and fees.

Save an additional 10% on

  • purchases of 25kg and above checked baggage
  • Pick A Seat when you pre-book it with your flights

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  • Enjoy 20% off any activities (for the first 1,000 transactions) and 5% off hotel bookings with the promo code DOUBLE2020
  • For your duty free shopping
    • buy 2 or more at 30% off
    • collect 2,020 BIG points on
  • Pick a package
    • 3D2N (flight + hotel) packages from RM138.

On board offers

The celebration continues onboard as the airline will also be offering special festive inflight Santan meals. These will be available on selected AK, D7 and QZ flights until 31st March 2020.

Meals include

  • Prosperity Tomato Egg
  • Fish Stew with Rice
    • with Pineapple Tarts from MYR12
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