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AirAsia Santan Ramadan menu gets a thumbs up

March 23, 20233 minute read
Santan Ramadan menu

Do you choose an airline based on their food? Maybe not, but you still want it to be tasty when you do need to eat. AirAsia’s inflight catering arm, Santan, have a wide range of choices from across ASEAN which have gained such a following, they currently have seven Santan restaurants in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. With the holy month of Ramadan starting 23rd March 2023, they’re offering a special Santan Ramadan menu which will be available from the first day.  You’ll be able to enjoy these items for the month following the Hari Raya Festival as well, until 31st May 2023.

Santan Ramadan menu 2023

There are four special Santan Ramadan menu items on offer at the Santan Restaurants for the next two months, until the end of May. Take your pick from this selection:

  • Nasi Lemak Goreng with Chicken Satay (2 sticks) RM13.90
  • Nasi Lemak Goreng with Ayam Goreng Berempah RM16.90
  • Rempah Cheesy Wedges RM6.90
  • Satay Snack Plate with Peanut Sauce RM12.90
Santan Ramadan menu
A slightly different take on nasi lemak, but served in the traditional way, with sambal, egg and cucumber.

They’re all available as dine-in at these Santan Restaurants and they also have group meals available for two or four people. You can, however, get the satay in-flight for a limited time.

  • Santan, Wisma Tune
  • Santan, IOI Mall Puchong
  • Santan, KL East Mall
  • Santan, Kompleks PKNS
  • Santan, NU Sentral
  • Santan, Setia City Mall
  • Santan, Sunway Pyramid

If you’re just looking for a quick snack or want to enjoy your Ramadan Menu at a Santan Cafe near you, they have something for everyone. Their special drinks use local favourites like pandan and gula melaka and they have a mean Pandan cheesecake available.

  • Pandan Tea Hot – RM13
  • Pandan Tea Cold – RM 13
  • Sparkling Pandan – RM 13
  • Pandan Latte Hot – RM 13
  • Pandan Latte Cold – RM 13
  • Pandan Cheesecake – RM 15
Santan Ramadan menu
The Pandan cheesecake came in a special carrier, so we took it home to share.

These special items are only available at:

  • Santan Cafe, The Garden Mall
  • Santan Restaurant, Wisma Tune
  • Santan Cafe, RedStation
  • Santan Cafe, RedQ

We had the chance for a sneak peek and a taste test of the Santan Ramadan menu a couple of days before they’re available. See what we thought:

Just in case you need this in writing…  definitely a yes from us. The satay and pandan cheesecake were this writer’s favourites, along with the sparkling pandan drink, which disappeared too fast to record!


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