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AirAsia introduces Santan, their new restaurant in the sky

August 19, 20152 minute read

Low Cost leaders AirAsia and AirAsia X have joined the ranks of airlines offering a wider choice of in-flight dining options with the introduction of their new in-flight menu named SANTAN, replacing the popular AirAsia Café.

The new menu seeks to raise the in-flight dining experience to one that is more ‘gourmet’, introducing passengers to local delicacies from various ASEAN countries. One of the first to be introduced will be the Malaysian East Coast favourite Nasi Dagang and Chicken Curry, as well as other tasty options including Tomato Rice with Ayam Percik, Chicken Satay Wrap and Vegetable Pasta with Roast  Chicken which will appeal to those looking for something less spicy.

For fans of Mamak cooking (Indian Muslim food), it will be interesting to see how they get the taste of their Mee Goreng Mamak combo just right for the discerning travellers on AirAsia X flights when it’s introduced in the pre-book meal selection as an AirAsia X exclusive.

While some items are only available from the pre-book selection on the website, either when you book your seats, or through ‘Manage my booking’, all the existing favourites will still be available for on-board purchase including Teriyaki Chicken Rice  Cake and Smoked Chicken Pizza Sandwich.

The new in-flight dining concept rolls out on AirAsia and AirAsia X flights beginning 18th August and will be implemented across the whole group by October 2015. Look out too, in the meal selection section, for the ‘Maximise Your Meal’ option which offers a Salted Caramel Cookie Bar and a Kit Kat for RM7 as an add-on dessert.

**TIP It’s a good idea to book your meals beforehand. We’ve tried waiting until we were flying before and missed out on our choice of meal. Best thing about pre-booking, you also get a discount of up to around 20% on the cost.

**Another thing we like – for some time now, you’ve been able to pre-book two meals on the longer AirAsia X D7 flights or if you just want the later of the two meals, that’s do-able too.

If you want to book a meal or change your choices you can add them without too much trouble. Log in to ‘Manage My Booking’ on the AirAsia website and follow the choices on the top right hand corner.  

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