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October 30, 20122 minute read

Firstly it’s probably a good idea that I explain what this page is all about. I along with an ever-increasing number of Australians love to travel! But like most people I would not say I have an abundance of funds or annual leave, nor am I willing to leave years between holidays to facilitate this. So to keep up with my addiction of living holiday to holiday, one has to learn a trick or two and stretch my dollars that little bit further. After all, what good are holiday memories when they represent the interest on your credit card bill? But it’s not entirely about being stingy. I see myself as a traveller who is happy to pay top dollar now and again for my home away from home, provided I got there nice and cheaply.

So I think by now you’re getting a sense of what we’re all about here at Economy Traveller. We let you know about our experiences so that you too can fly cheaper, travel further and get away more often. Our upcoming posts will tell you about the best international and domestic sale fares I’ve scored and exactly how you can do it too! So watch this space for our trip reports, sale tips and general travel news and info.  Don’t forget to also subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter feed! Happy Travels!

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