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Virgin Australia resumes flights to Vanuatu

June 6, 201647 second read
Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia resumes flights to Vanuatu

Since their most recent flight out of Vanuatu on 30th January, due to concerns about runway safety, Virgin Australia is now accepting bookings for flights out of Australia to this popular South Pacific destination.

Offer fares for winter

Although no official notice has been made, email flyers are including the destination in their line-up with special deals from various Australian cities during the winter.

Depending on your departure city, one-way fares are available until midnight 7th June from Brisbane for your winter getaway from AU$265. The airline flies direct between the two location four times a week.

Qantas and Air New Zealand

At the time of writing, neither Qantas nor Air New Zealand are accepting any bookings to Vanuatu and the only indication that Air New Zealand is keen to return to the route is their media report in early April that they have sought further details on on-going runway rectification.

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