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Trialling the new Putrajaya trackless tram

June 11, 20243 minute read

Putrajaya, administrative centre of the Malaysian Government is planning to introduce a trackless tram system in early 2025 and is currently testing the system until 31st July 2024. The Putrajaya trackless tram is a three car articulated ART (Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit) system with flexible joints between the cars. The tram runs on wheels, guided by lidar (light detection and ranging) essentially ‘virtual’ tracks. 

Putrajaya trackless tram routes

The Tram is currently running two routes from the Putrajaya Sentral Station (a hub for the Tram, ERL and MRT2) that services Presint 2, 3 and 4 on weekdays. This route 1A has 8 covered stops, but is currently only running 3 times daily at 8.30am, 11.30am and 2.30pm. One round takes an hour. On weekends, Route 2B will take passengers to IOI Mall.

As they aren’t collecting fares during the test until the end of July 2024, we decided to hop on board. According to news reports, passengers need to scan the QR code provided at the passenger pick-up station. However, not only was there any signage showing where to wait, but we could see nowhere to scan, either at the stops or on the tram.  The stop is just outside the entrance to Putrajaya Sentral, close to the MRT and bus stops.

Putrajaya trackless tram
The tram route starts and finishes at Putrajaya Sentral

Our first impressions

This is a great initiative, and while the target group is likely to be staff from the Ministries, depending on timings, it will be very useful for travellers with business at the government offices. Ticket pricing and schedules are apparently not yet available, but it would be useful to have a hop on/hop off ticket to cater for day trippers (adult/child). This should be the same price for all, regardless of where you’re from.

As there are a number of food outlets nearby, it would be a good idea to hop off at the Putra Mosque and enjoy the scenery. Have a bite to eat, before hopping back on the next service to continue your journey. You could also do this at the other end of Persiaran Perdana and enjoy the park.

Putrajaya trackless tram
Looking along Persiaran Perdana to PICC

Availability and days of service

Route 1A (Mondays to Fridays) takes passengers from MRT Putrajaya Sentral towards Lebuh Wawasan and across the Seri Warisan bridge, to the big circle with the Putra Mosque and Prime Minister’s Department. Then you make your way along Persiaran Perdana, passing most of the Ministries on either side and around Lingkaran Gemilang. The tram then circles back to MRT Putrajaya Sentral, retracing the ‘out’ route.

Route 2B (weekends only) also starts from MRT Putrajaya Sentral, travelling to Persiaran Perdana, before turning to Lebuh Bestari and Persiaran Timur and on to IOI Putrajaya before returning to MRT Putrajaya Sentral.

We also have two ways you can get to Putrajaya without a car, for an easy day out.

Putrajaya trackless tram
The articulated ART trackless tram

You can get more information on the Putrajaya trackless tram from the operator, Mobilus Sdn Bhd and the Putrajaya Corporation website.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)
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