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Putrajaya Sentral Transport Hub: a quick guide

June 17, 20244 minute read

The Putrajaya Sentral Transport Hub is the collector for all your transport options to, from and within Malaysia’s Administrative capital. When we were there recently, we could see that they are also upgrading many of the facilities and a neighbouring building that seems to be connected, is still under construction. 

Putrajaya Sentral Transport services

There are currently four main transport services being offered as ‘anchor facilities’, as well as a number of supporting services. A fifth, the Putrajaya tram service, is currently undergoing testing.

KLIA Transit

The KLIA Transit station is on the ground level of the mail building. This is the sister service to KLIA Ekspres, the fastest connection between KL Sentral and both terminals of the Kuala Lumpur International. The KLIA Transit will get you to KL Sentral in 19 minutes, and to the airport in a little less. It’s affordable and we find it an effective way to reach Putrajaya. Tickets are available over the counter, or you can save by purchasing online beforehand.

MRT Terminus (Putrajaya line)

Not as speedy, but with lower fares and easy to connect with more stations, is the MRT Putrajaya line. This is operated by MyRapid and you can find the station at the south side of the Terminal, to your left if you are leaving the KLIA Transit. Find out more on this service in our story HERE.

Express Buses Ticketing Counter

If you’re looking for long distance buses, a number of services do pick-up and drop passengers at Putrajaya Sentral. The day we were there, buses to various towns both north and south were scheduled. The information and ticket counters are about half way along the concourse level, opposite a small bank of self-service Baggage lockers. The signs indicated that the Bus terminal for these services is past the counters in a connected building.

Local Shuttle buses

There are seven shuttle services listed in the bus schedule page as servicing the Putrajaya area. However we could only see the schedules for 5 of them posted on the glass beside the bus stop. The Bus stop is directly in front of the MRT entrance and there are designated bus bays and some limited seating. The buses are clean and the drivers are neatly dressed and helpful.

Putrajaya tram

This service, which is planned for implementation by the start of 2025 is currently being trialled. They’re running three trips a day, which take about an hour each, and there is currently no cost. The trans leave from the roundabout near the bus stops, outside the MRT entrance. You can get more information and a video from our story here.

Other services

The  Shuttle bus to Putrajaya hospital and e-hailing pick-up are on the ground level below the main concourse. There are steps and a lift down from the concourse you can use to go down. Look out for the small signs, just before the stalls.

Retail outlets

We discovered a Smart Store just outside the MRT Station. You must scan your face to enter this little convenience store, and payment must be made on the terminals before you exit. We did not see any staff, so it’s on trust, helped by the security cameras. They even have fresh flowers on sale.

Putrajaya Sentral
Honesty and cameras in the Smart Shop outside MRT station


There are quite a few stalls selling various types of food, ranging from snacks to coffee and pastries, simple meals like nasi lemak & noodles and drinks. Most seemed to accept payment by Touch’NGo or card, but the ‘Economy rice’ stall with freshly cooked dishes we’d have liked to try, only accepts cash.

There is on-going renovation going on along the concourse, with what looks like extra small retail spaces being constructed. In addition, Google Maps is labelling the construction close to the MRT as ‘Park & Ride, which would complement the existing one on the western side of the lines.

You can get more information about developments at Putrajaya Sentral on the Putrajaya Transport Hub website.


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