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Tigerair Australia introduces Fare Freeze

July 19, 20172 minute read
Tigerair A320

Tigerair Australia has introduced a mechanism to lock-in cheaper fares when you’re not ready to book. It’s called Fare Freeze and it’s now available on the Tigerair site. This is great when you’re making plans with other people or when you’re not in a financial position to secure seats.

How does Fare Freeze work?

Search for a seat like you normally would, and look for the following section towards the bottom of the page:

Tigerair Fare Freeze

Selecting this option will let you freeze the airfare above for 48 hours at a cost of AUD 3 per sector. Here are the key points to remember when using Fare Freeze:

  1. The Fare Freeze costs AUD 3, which is not a deposit – this is in addition to the fare.
  2. Fare Freeze will let you book a seat at the current price for up to 48 hours.
  3. If the airfare goes up in this 48-hour window, the original price will still apply.
  4. The Fare Freeze fee must be paid for using a valid MasterCard or Visa Credit Card, Mastercard, Visa Debit Card or POLi.
  5. You can only lock in fares for flights no less than 28 days away.
  6. If you’re looking to lock in a special sale fare, you’re out of luck. Fare Freeze can’t be used for special sale fares.

What if I forget to confirm or change my mind about flying?

If you end up deciding not to take the flight, just leave it. You’ll lose the $3, but that’s it. If you forget to confirm your flight, the fare will automatically be cancelled after 48 hours. You’ll then need to pay whatever fare is offered on the Tigerair website at the time.

Otherwise if you’re happy to confirm the locked-in fare, simply go to Manage My Booking and complete your booking before the freeze expires. To book or find out more, go to

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