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Thai AirAsia souvenirs now available via Shopee

June 1, 20202 minute read
Thai AirAsia

Thai AirAsia souvenirs are now available online. If you can’t fly anywhere at the moment but still want these useful products, you can buy them on Shopee! Following the recent online launch of their Santan meals delivery service, AirAsia is now taking its in-flight merchandise online. This particular line is only available in Thailand though, other countries have their own offerings on their local Shopee platform.

Thai AirAsia souvenirs

The souvenirs are listed in Shopee Thailand’s new “AirAsia Eco-Friendly” collection. This exclusive collection includes a cloth bag containing a tumbler, lunch box with cutlery and reusable straw. Lightweight and microwavable, they are made from wheat straw that is recyclable and decompose faster than normal plastic or melanin. Make up the full set, with prices starting at 100 THB, exclusively available via Shopee Thailand. 

This distinctive collection joins a variety of AirAsia products, including the AirAsia Classic merchandise range. This includes the ever popular AirAsia branded cap and T-shirt/polo, collectibles and children’s toys, now available for sale outside of flights in Thailand.

…. While AirAsia has returned to domestic service, we are maintaining strict safety measures in-flight including the suspension of most food and drink sales as well as the sale of our popular merchandise.  We extended these sales online for the convenience of our customers, so they may purchase them even when not flying.  This also provides us another revenue opportunity during these unprecedented times. after we began offering our meals as home delivery and received a strong response. Ornanong Methapipattanakul, Director of In-Flight Products and Services, AirAsia Thailand

Purchase your AirAsia souvenirs like any other product on Shopee. Log in to your account and choose and pay for the selected items. Delivery will take approximately 2-5 days depending on location. Become an AirAsia fan and start collecting at Shopee now.

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