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Take your seating with you – in a bag

January 18, 20162 minute read
Lamzak Hangout

This interesting item, the Lamzak Hangout, kept popping up on Facebook, so this writer decided to have a look and see what it can do. Apparently the whole idea arose from the inventor and his friends realising that the air mattresses they were using at a party were much easier to deflate than they had been to inflate.

A Groundbreaking discovery? Only if you do something with that thought. Which he did. Marijn Oomen is the inventor of the Lamzac and he started looking at ways this could be achieved easily and as is often the case, the easiest solution is actually the best.

How does it work?

A double tube is swung open end first to fill it with air then tied and that’s it!

How hard is that? In fact, their website tells us that “Lamzak”, translated from the original Dutch means ‘lazy person’ or ‘lazy inactive bag’!

To deflate it, just open the tied end and roll the whole thing up!

How can I get one?

The Lamzac Hangout will cost €64.95 and is due to be released on May 2nd, 2016.

They will ship to different countries and there are different colours available. More information on the seat and how to purchase your Lamzak Hangout is available on their website. We aren’t currently able to place a booking, maybe they’re overwhelmed with orders?? You can sign up for their newsletter so you know when it’s available again.

This handy little video shows just how easy it is to inflate your Hangout:

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