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Singapore Changi T4: your transport options

May 11, 20245 minute read

Getting to Singapore Changi airport is easiest using the well integrated public transport system. Most buses stop at the three main terminals, with four services continuing to Changi T4 . Trains arrive and depart from Changi Airport MRT Station below Terminal 2 (T2). T4 is generally used by point to point airlines, so if you do have a connecting flight on an airline that does not use Terminal 4, you’ll have to catch a free bus to change terminals. As Changi is a well organised hub airport, transfers may be done either ‘airside’ (without going through immigration, also called ‘transit’) or ‘landside’ (outside the security area). Which one applies to you, depends on your circumstances.

Changi T4
The Skytrain is just to the left, check-in to the right.

Changi T4 layout and connections

Select the terminal and level and zoom for details.

Their maps are helpful, but a bit confusing until you enlarge them quite a lot. The main map only shows the location of the airside buses at this size. You must click on the Terminal to see that there are T4 Bus stops outside all three terminals, near the check-in counters, but they don’t show up on the map until you zoom right in.

The T1 bus stop is right outside Entrance 3,opposite the main entrance to Jewel.

In Jewel, Early Check-in is on L1 close to the T1 Connector. You can walk out of T1 Arrivals and into Jewel, double back and go up the travelator to the Walkover to T1. The bus stop is close to the Entrance 3 of T1(L2).

To summarise

Terminal 1 to Terminal 4

  • Landside – Level 2 (Departure level) Entrance 3, across the road. This is also very convenient if you’ve just checked in at the early check-in facility in Jewel, one level down from the bus stop. It’s also handy if you’ve arrived at T1, as this is on level one, and you can easily go up the escalator.
  • Airside/transit – Level 2, Gate C21. This is quite close to the Departure entrance, to your left.

Terminal 2

  • Landside – If you’ve come up from the MRT, the Bus stop is on your right, on the Arrival Level 1, Door 1.
  • Airside, you should check at the Transfer Desk and they will direct you. There are two of these Transfer E near Departure Gate E1 and Transfer F near Departure Gate F30
The landside bus, T2 to T4 leaves from Door 1, L1

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 was probably the easiest one to find the correct  bus stop location. If you come off the skytrain from the MRT station, you’ll see the big Changi T4 signs to your left. The check-in counters are in front of you. There is a schedule displayed beside the signs. Make sure you’ve allowed yourself enough time, in case (like us) you miss the first bus.

Terminal 4

Landside – the bus stop is just outside Entrance 4 on Level L2 (Departures) 

Airside – Buses to all terminals arrive at and leave from Gate G21,then catch the lift down to L1. There are two boarding queues so read the signs first to make sure you have the correct bus.

If you’ve just flown in and collected your bags on L1 (Arrivals), don’t clear customs, but head to the Transfer Desk and Entrance to the Bus transfer close to Belt 1. This is to your right.

Other useful things to know

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the maps, don’t worry too much. Singapore has a national love of signs! These are plenty of them everywhere, and if you’re still not sure, there’s usually an Information Desk nearby.

If you arrive by MRT, just follow the signs to get to the respective terminals. If you want to visit Jewel, their Shopping Mall, you’ll need to walk, as the Skytrain between T2 and T3 passes through, but does not stop. The connecting walkways are air-conditioned. Alternately, you can catch a Skytrain to T1 and walk across from there – the street entrance is on Level 2 and there is a connecting entrance on Level 1.

From our experience, you should enter the security area (enter the departure area and go through Immigration) you are leaving from rather than one of the other terminals. That is, if you are flying out of T4, you should pass through Security in T4. If you want to go to one of the other terminals, you can then use the airside transfer bus. However, I have been assured that this is not a strict rule by travellers who wish to use Lounge facilities in that terminal, before going on to T4.

Free Singapore Tour counters (All Airside) are located in T2 (L2 near Gate F50) and T3 (L2 near Gate A9). You must have at least 5 hours in transit and it’s necessary to pre-book these tours. This link is on the Singapore Airlines website. But be warned, they fill up very quickly, so book as soon as you confirm your flights.  Here is the official link on the Changi Airport website. You need to turn up at either of these counters before the tour time:

  • T2 transit, near the Skytain to Terminal 3, Gate F50
  • T3 transit, near Transfer Lounge A, Gate A1-A8
Changi T4
The Singapore Free Tour bus

images©ET with screenshots from Changi Airport maps.

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