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Singapore Airlines regional network set to grow

December 9, 20224 minute read
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Singapore Airlines regional network gets a boost as the airline ramps up East and South East Asia network and increases in Airbus A380 services to Australia with Melbourne back and an extra service to Sydney. They’ll also resume flights to Busan, responding to strong projected demand. These changes will take place during the Northern summer, in mid 2023.

Singapore Airlines regional network

These changes will see SIA’s flight frequencies reaching or exceed pre-pandemic levels in multiple destinations across East Asia and South East Asia by March 2024. Included in the increases are extra flights to Bangkok in Thailand; Busan and Seoul in South Korea; Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka in Japan; Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam; Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia; Siem Reap in Cambodia; and Taipei in Taiwan, China.

JoAnn Tan, Senior Vice President Marketing Planning, Singapore Airlines sees stronger demand for flights to destinations across South East Asia, parts of East Asia, and Australia in 2023.

… As we restore our network to these regions closer to pre-pandemic levels, our customers have even more flight options as they make their holiday plans.JoAnn Tan

East Asia

  • SIA will reinstate flight to Busan from 2nd June 2023
    • SQ616 (Singapore to Busan) and SQ615 (Busan to Singapore)
  • four weekly services on the Boeing 737-8
    • a fourth daily service between Singapore and Seoul from 1st June 2023
      • SQ612 and SQ611, using the Boeing 787-10
    • SQ618 (Singapore to Osaka) and SQ619 (Osaka to Singapore)
      • from four-times weekly to a daily service from 1st May 2023
  • this brings services to Osaka to 14-times weekly.
    • The daily service between Singapore and Hong Kong SAR (SQ892 and SQ893)
      • using a A380 aircraft from 26th March 2023.
    • Reinstate SQ896 and SQ897, a daily service between Singapore and Hong Kong SAR,
      • Airbus A350-900 medium-haul aircraft, from 1st October 2023.
  • This offers four daily flights to Hong Kong SAR.
    • SIA increases flight frequencies of SQ876 (Singapore to Taipei) and SQ877 (Taipei to Singapore)
      • from four-times weekly to a daily service
      • starting 26th March 2023. SQ878 and SQ879 between the two cities
      • This will increase from three-times weekly to a daily service from 31st May 2023.
  • Weekly services to Taipei increase to 14-times weekly.

South East Asia

  • Flights between Singapore and Bangkok grow to include a fifth daily service, SQ706 and SQ705,
    • operated by the A350-900 medium-haul aircraft
    • service starts 1st October 2023
  • SQ726 and SQ725, between Singapore and Phuket their fourth daily service starts 26th March 2023,
    • operated by the Boeing 737-800NG

South West Pacific

  • The A380 returns to Melbourne after almost four years on 16th May 2023
    • The A380 will replace the 777-300ER on SQ237 and SQ228.
  • Sydney gets a second daily A380 from 17th May 2023
    • The A380 replaces the A350- 900 medium-haul on SQ221 and the return flight SQ232

The Americas and Europe

SIA will also adjust other parts of its network as part of its review of travel demand and capacity needs.

    • From 15th May 2023, SIA will operate the Boeing 777-300ER on SQ26 and SQ25, the daily Singapore-Frankfurt-New York (JFK) service,
    • This replaces the Airbus A380.
    • SIA’s 777-300ER aircraft offer First Class cabins, with the full roster of the Airline’s products and amenities.
    • The two daily non-stop services to New York – flights SQ24 and SQ23 between Singapore and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport will continue, as will SQ22 and SQ21 between Singapore and New York’s Newark Liberty International Airport.
    • Flights SQ36 and SQ35 between Singapore and Los Angeles will operate thrice weekly, instead of a daily service, from 26 March 2023.
  • Two existing daily flights to Los Angeles via the non-stop service SQ38 and SQ37 between the two cities and SQ12 and SQ11 will also continue to serve the Singapore-Tokyo (Narita)-Los Angeles route.
  • The service between Singapore and Seattle, SQ28 and SQ27, will remain as a thrice-weekly service from 27th June 2023.
  • Flights SQ52 and SQ51 serving the Singapore-Manchester-Houston route will operate thrice weekly instead of four-times weekly from 28th March 2023.
  • SIA will launch a new twice weekly service between Singapore and Manchester, SQ302 and SQ301.
    • This will be operated by the  A350-900 long-haul aircraft from 2nd April 2023.

SIA remains strongly committed to the North American market and with the above network adjustments, the airline will operate a higher seat capacity to the United States of America compared to pre-pandemic levels.

All times are local and additional services to Singapore Airlines regional network and the US are subject to regulatory approvals. Tickets will be available for sale through SIA’s website and other distribution channels.

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