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SIA signs support for prevention of illegal wildlife trafficking

June 7, 20172 minute read
wildlife trafficking

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has joined thirty-seven other airlines in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking. The airline signed the ‘United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Buckingham Palace Declaration’ at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Cancun Mexico on 5th June 2017. The aims of the agreement are to fight against transportation of illegal wildlife products to help close down the worldwide trade chains.

Prevention of Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

As a signatory to the Declaration, Singapore has agreed to implement the following actions outlined in the Declaration:

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  • adoption of a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal wildlife trade
  • increase awareness among passengers and staff
  • provide staff training to identify and report suspected illegal wildlife, and
  • engage the relevant stakeholders


SIA and subsidiary SIA Cargo have a lengthy history against the illegal transport of wildlife and unsustainable animal products. The airline prohibits the carriage of any animals or wildlife by passengers except domesticated cats and dogs that are checked in, and service and emotional support dogs in the cabin.

SIA Cargo only permits the carriage of live animals, in compliance with CITES and LAR. CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. LAR refers to the IATA Live Animal Regulations.

SIA Cargo has not accepted the carriage of shark fin with effect from 1st August 2014 following an intensive review. This non-carriage was extended to include hunting trophies after a similar review was conducted in May 2015.

SIA’s CEO Goh Choon Phong, signed the Declaration on behalf of the Airline. He confirmed the airlines pride in becoming a signatory to the Buckingham Palace Declaration and reiterated SIA’s commitment to sustainable causes.

…. We look forward to working closely with government authorities, conservation organisations, IATA and other stakeholders in the fight against wildlife trafficking. Goh Choon Phong

IATA Director General and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac is pleased Singapore Airlines is committed to the fight against wildlife traffickers.

…. The illegal wildlife trade threatens the survival of many iconic species, and local communities that depend on nature-based tourism. Airlines can play an important role in helping the authorities stamp out this appalling trade. Alexandre de Juniac.

More information on the Taskforce and Declaration may be found at

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