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Murrays Coaches: Toowoomba to Brisbane

June 24, 20204 minute read
Murrays Coaches

There are currently two main operators on the bus service route between Brisbane and Toowoomba and a number of smaller operators. Murrays Coaches and Greyhound Australia are both well established companies. We have travelled on both, you can read our review on Greyhound Coaches and the trip itself. We recently travelled from Toowoomba to Brisbane and decided to check out Murrays Coaches Toowoomba to Brisbane service. At the time we travelled, the services were well spaced throughout the day. However the on-going Covid-19 restrictions have affected the service timetable, with distance travel stopped for some weeks. 

Service has resumed, starting with two services a day in each direction from 19th June 2020. This is the current Timetable. The journey takes 1hr 45 minutes.

Murrays Coaches Toowoomba to Brisbane Express

The coach leaves from Platform 1 in the Toowoomba Bus Station in Neil St. We decided to purchase our tickets from Murrays Coaches website, as we discovered they offered better fares for booking ahead. You can also contact them by phone (Phone: 13 22 51), email[email protected]. Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of departure, as they are quick and efficient about checking everyone off and loading the baggage. 

On the Bus

The bus we travelled on was quite new and comfortable. It was a chilly day and the top of the range and first part of the descent was foggy. The driver was in good control of the bus during the descent. Our bus service made three quick stops on the trip. The first at the bottom of the range at Withcott Hotel, at Gatton University, then Plainland, opposite the Caltex station in Gehrke Road. We pulled into the Brisbane Transit Centre on time. Please see below for information on Brisbane Transit Centre.

The Seats

The leather seats, two each side of the centre aisle, are fitted with seatbelts which the driver will remind you to wear in his welcome announcement as you leave the terminal. The seats recline to a comfortable position without affecting the passengers in the row behind. There is a footrest with sufficient leg room for all but very long legged passengers.

The coach is air-conditioned and there is an overhead air blower and light for each seat. You have a USB charger point either on the window side of the seat, or in front of you, between the seats. They light up blue to help you find them easily.

The coach is equipped with a clean toilet at the rear of the coach. There is toilet paper and a small sink with soap and a mirror. The space is tight and as always, you’ll appreciate the door handle as support because the rocking of the bus is noticeable in the toilet. Emergency exits are clearly marked and there is a tool to break the glass.

The Brisbane Coach Terminal

The old Brisbane Transit Centre and Coach Terminal has been demolished to be replaced by the CrossRiver Rail and the new Coach Terminal is located in the nearby Parklands Crescent, adjacent to Roma St Station Platform 10.

Your bus arrives and leaves from the Brisbane Coach Terminal in Parkland Crescent, off Albert Street. This connects to bus and taxi operations as well as the Roma Street Railway Station. All train services north, south, east and west pass through Roma Street. Long Distance buses and trains also depart from this station.

There are currently no Luggage Storage facilities at The Brisbane Coach Terminal. The transit centre will be undergoing major changes along with redevelopment in conjunction with public transport changes. You can find more information on the development and temporary Coach Terminal on this page.

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