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MAS celebrates Malaysia Day with special video

September 10, 20182 minute read
Malaysia Day

Malaysia Airlines celebrates Malaysia Day this 16th September, with a special video featuring Malaysian Hospitality. The video came about as a social experiment using volunteers representing Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity.

Twenty Malaysians from different communities, walks of life and age groups were invited to volunteer their time to participate in a special Malaysia Day project. That’s all they knew before they took their leap of faith. The results of this social experiment proved that Malaysians typify unity in diversity.

Presenting – the Malaysia Day video 2018

Celebrating Malaysia Day, Malaysia Airlines has released the results as a special 4 minute and 17 second Malaysia Day Video on their Facebook page. Malaysia Day is a celebration of the union of all 14 states and federal territories of Malaysia as one nation on 16th September 1963. Malaysia originally comprised the Malay Peninsula, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore, although Singapore left the Federation in 1965.

….. As Malaysians, although there are many things that set us apart, we share common values and principles that bind us. This includes prioritizing the needs of others above our own. This is Malaysian Hospitality in every sense of the word and what we as Malaysians are best known for. Malaysia Airlines’ Group CEO Izham Ismail

He added

…. Cutting across multi-racial cultures and beliefs, we are taught from a young age, to be understanding, tolerant and considerate of everyone we meet. These are the intrinsic values that we, as Malaysians practice. This is also what binds us as a nation and unites us in harmony.

Enjoy Malaysia Airlines hospitality

The airline regularly offers special fares on selected routes, which vary from time to time. You can currently pick up some great fares in their MATTA 2018 Sale with offers extended until 12th September.

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