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Malaysia Airlines shares Hari Raya greetings

June 23, 20172 minute read
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Malaysia Airlines takes you around the world to see how others celebrate the Eid Festival, Hari Raya in Malaysia. Hari Raya is a movable festival, based on the lunar calendar. The Festival date advances about 10 days a year, falling on 25th June in 2017.

The 2017 commercial highlights the celebration of the festival around the world, using real families in each location. “Raya Around the World” seeks to share different cultural interpretations of this important Muslim festival.

…. Malaysians have been looking forward to Malaysia Airlines festive communications after last year’s commercial hit “Boleh Adik Ikut?” and this year’s Chinese New Year’s “Truly Malaysian Greeting”. Malaysia Airlines Group CEO, Peter Bellew

The three minute video takes the viewer on a journey to very different locations, including Xi’an in China, which has a long Islamic history thanks to it’s location at the Eastern end of the famed Silk Road. Xi’an is home to the beautiful Chinese style Grand Mosque, well over a thousand years old and shown in the video.

Bellew also spoke of his desire to promote the airline’s destinations, through the beauty of other cultures and countries around the world and how they celebrate Eid. The video also takes you to other key destinations including rural Malaysia, Japan and India. 

He added:

… All talents in the video, led by our very own pilot, Captain Zakir Ibrahim and wife, are real families who have never done a commercial before. We chose these talents to maintain the authenticity and the essence of the commercial.

Share your Hari Raya Greetings

Would you like to learn more about the stories in the video, or even share your own greetings? Malaysia Airlines have introduced a special interactive microsite in conjunction with the launch. The site is easy to use and you can send e-greetings and check out behind-the-scene footage and other related videos.

Economy Travellers wishes all our readers Selamat Hari Raya.

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